The Single Girl’s Guide To Buying a House

On this blog, and in real life too, I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m a single girl buying houses…and flipping them. If you aren’t a single girl, the weight of that sentence means absolutely nothing to you. But if you are, you understand none of that is easy. Whether it’s the emotional side… Continue reading The Single Girl’s Guide To Buying a House

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Flip 3: Green Bathroom Reveal

I’ve revealed Flip 5. I’ve revealed that I’ve sold Flip 3. But you know what I totally forgot to reveal? The green bathroom after its remodel! The green bathroom was a loooong process to remodel that started well before I even purchased Flip 4, and it didn’t end until right before I listed Flip 3.… Continue reading Flip 3: Green Bathroom Reveal

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Bachelorette Pad Flip 3 Update

Flip House #3 started two long years ago. Not long after Mac passed away, I purchased the beat up fixer upper from the estate, and that started this long, emotional labor of love. Two years of designing and decorating and cursing and planning. Even though this isn’t my first rodeo, I still get this overwhelming… Continue reading Bachelorette Pad Flip 3 Update

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Manic Monday: 5 Minute Fixes

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are all busy! In the spirit of that, I thought a new series would help us keep up with “joys” of home ownership. We tend to let certain things slide and put off because “I’ll get to it one day.” As a Realtor, I see regularly these little things add up to… Continue reading Manic Monday: 5 Minute Fixes