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Cleaning & Restoring Cabinet Hardware

I didn’t think I’d keep the original hardware from the kitchen in the Flip 4 house. But once I got my beautiful new hardware from D. Lawless Hardware and saw how well they matched the original cabinet hinges, I decided to keep them. One problem: They were caked with grease & layers of dirt. After… Continue reading Cleaning & Restoring Cabinet Hardware

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Flip 4 Week 5 Update

You may have noticed the tone of my updates have changed. Since each week has brought more monumental stress, headaches, surprises, and curse words, I am truly over this flip. It was a beast of a flip and the beast is roaring back. I keep saying it was a terrible week, and this week was.… Continue reading Flip 4 Week 5 Update

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The Updated Vintage Gas Lamp

Anybody remember the story of the lamp post in the front yard of Flip 3? The vintage Gas Lite lamp post was original to the house, and the 50+ years of use were showing their effects. The pole had rusted. The glass enclosure was partially broken. The sign with our family name was rusted, missing… Continue reading The Updated Vintage Gas Lamp

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My Review Of The Bagster

When I started Flip 4, I knew I would need a way to haul off remodel debris, waste, and materials. Renting a dumpster is thousands of dollars. Unless pigs are flying and hell has frozen, I won’t spend thousands of dollars on freaking trash. So I searched for an alternative. My only realistic options were… Continue reading My Review Of The Bagster