I get it. You’re nosy.

I like to be nosy too. So see? We already have stuff in common!

To recap, I’m a Bachelorette. It’s me and my cat, Duncan. That’s it. We’re in this house-flipping life together.

Do you live in the houses while you flip them? And WHHHHHHHHY?

Yes, yes I do. Yes, it is crazy. Yes, it’s unpredictable. I do it because [HERE’S A TIP!] if you live in a house for 2 years and sell it for more   than you paid, you don’t pay a dime in taxes when you sell!

Is house flipping your day job?

No! It’s my night and weekend job. I’m a Realtor in Northwest Arkansas. I help people buy houses, sell houses, and invest in real estate.

How did you get started flipping houses?

I’ve actually written a couple blog posts that discuss this already, but the #1 influence is that I grew up in this world. My dad owns a real estate firm, and I grew up at job sites of new construction houses he was building, rental properties, and houses he was flipping. I guess it just rubbed off on me!

Which house has been your favorite flip?

I think there’s a tie. Flip 1 was so, so easy. It made me the most money so far. And I loved the style of it. But, then there’s Flip 3Grandma and Grandpa Mac’s house. There’s an enormous amount of emotion attached to that one.

When are you going to stop flipping houses?

Not anytime soon.

What’s your goal with house flipping? To get rich?

I chuckle when I get asked this. It’s usually followed by, you’re crazy- just buy a house and stay there. I started flipping houses because I had over $70,000 in student loan debt. Flipping houses was the only way I have found to pay off substantial amounts of that debt. When I finally get that all paid off, I’ll use the money to invest in more real estate and save for retirement.

Do you advertise and/or do PR work?

Yes, all inquiries should contact me via email.


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