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How I Spent $350 To Add $18,000 To My Home’s List Price

I have a little secret. It’s actually my FAVORITE secret of house flipping. So what is it? I spent $350 and added $18,000 to the sales price of a flip. I know, I know…sounds too good to be true. When I bought Flip 2, it had an attached sunroom, but the sunroom wasn’t heated or… Continue reading How I Spent $350 To Add $18,000 To My Home’s List Price

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Living Room Flips:Before & Afters

This week I shared on Facebook a brief snapshot of the living room transformations in all three flips. After revealing the midcentury living room in Flip 3, I was inspired to take a stroll down memory lane. So I hope you’ll indulge me as I expand on this little stroll. The house that started it… Continue reading Living Room Flips:Before & Afters

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Get Social

I am branching out in my social media presence! I have created a Facebook page for my blog, The Bachelorette Pad Flip. I hope you’ll take a second and like the page. I’m really excited to use that forum to share snip-its of the house-flipping adventures–shopping for hardware, repairing major leaks, finished products, etc. It’s… Continue reading Get Social

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Throwback Thursday

Just to give us all some perspective…. I actually bought a house that looked like this. Paneling? Eww. Floral retro wallpaper? Ugh. Matching floral drapes? What the heck. Matching floral light fixture? I can’t even. And the rest of the house didn’t look any better. But that’s the great thing about house flipping. In just… Continue reading Throwback Thursday

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HOW I Do What I Do

I’ve talked about why I do what I do…but a closely related, and equally as important topic, is HOW I do it. Disclaimer: It isn’t easy & I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. In this world of house flipping, there are two fundamental things that make it enormously challening: I’m a girl…in a… Continue reading HOW I Do What I Do

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Not only as a house flipper, but also as a Realtor there is one mantra I preach in home shopping: POTENTIAL. Don’t look at a house as-is (even if it’s new construction!)…look at how YOU can make it YOU. Look for potential! Ugly wallpaper, paneling, harvest gold appliances, shag carpet…none of that bothers me. The… Continue reading Potential.

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How Do You Buy A Foreclosure?

This is probably the #1 question I get asked…right after “How Do I Get Started House Flipping?” (Maybe I need to do a post on that too!). If you’ve followed me for long, you know Flip #1 was a foreclosure, as well as Flip #2. You don’t have to be a Realtor like me to… Continue reading How Do You Buy A Foreclosure?