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DIY Coffee Bar Station

I was looking for a creative, stylish gift at Christmas to help house the “clutter” that accompanies coffee pots…mugs, creamer, sugar, etc. Instead just have a pile of accessories for coffee, I thought a coffee bar station would be a better looking countertop alternative!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it, but as soon as I perused the aisles at Home Depot, I knew exactly how I could easily and affordably make a coffee bar.


Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have precut pine wood disc available in various sizes. I thought this medium sized one was the perfect size to function as a coffee bar. They sell these discs in smaller and larger sizes if you wanted to alter this project.


I used some leftover stain from Flip 6 (an opaque walnut) and gave the disc two coats. The neat thing about this project is that you can customize it to your taste– paint it, distress it, stain it, whatever suits your fancy.


I wanted to personalize this project, so I designed a vinyl decal. The fun things with decals is that you can personalize this project with names, or cute sayings, or designs. I chose a classic design, but there’s a variety of colors and designs to alter this project.


After I got the disc stained and decal added, I decided to copy a project I did while at Haven Conference. Using cabinet pulls, I created tray legs. I thought that would be a great addition to the coffee bar station to give it some height. There are tons of styles and designs in knobs, but I would recommend picking a design with a very flat front. I turned the knobs upside down and used Gorilla Glue (sponsored link) to adhere them to the disc as feet.


The finished product was absolutely adorable! This was such an easy project, and one that could change without much effort. Another alternative way to change this project some would be to incorporate cabinet pulls on the top. I considered doing that, but I opted for the knobs instead.

If you see old trays at thrift stores, those could easily be upcycled to a coffee bar station! The magic of paint, creativity and some elbow grease creates a functional and stylish accent in your kitchen!


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