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DIY Army Trunk Table

Last summer I stumbled on this Army footlocker for $5 at an estate sale. I loved the character it had– writing, scratches, stickers. So much character in the piece. I instantly knew it had so much potential! So I brought it home, and it’s been sitting in my garage ever since. I’ve been waiting for… Continue reading DIY Army Trunk Table

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Flip 6 Kitchen Transformation

I’m a bit delayed in giving nitty-gritty detailed posts for Flip 6. Life is busy! I always get asked what I used, where I got, etc., so it’s easier to address all those questions in one post. If you recall, Flip 6 was purchased at an auction, and it was purchased sight unseen. In the… Continue reading Flip 6 Kitchen Transformation


DIY Storage Basket Table

Several months ago I decided to peruse a new antique store in our area. While there, I stumbled on a vintage, industrial metal basket. It was perfect–aged patina, large, and had the original metal handles. It was a bit more than I would typically spend– around $40ish, but I knew it had some potential with… Continue reading DIY Storage Basket Table

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Flip 5 Kitchen Update

No, the kitchen still isn’t done. From hiccups, delays, and other houses, the kitchen at Flip 5 is almost done…but not quite. The flooring was quite the debacle, but I’m happy to say it’s finished. I’ve painted the walls. And, since my last update, the cabinets have got a partial face lift. The original kitchen… Continue reading Flip 5 Kitchen Update

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DIY Coffee Bar Station

I was looking for a creative, stylish gift at Christmas to help house the “clutter” that accompanies coffee pots…mugs, creamer, sugar, etc. Instead just have a pile of accessories for coffee, I thought a coffee bar station would be a better looking countertop alternative! I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it, but… Continue reading DIY Coffee Bar Station