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Flip 5: The Room That Has Me Stumped

Do you feel like we’re on some kind of schizophrenic parade through my flips? Welcome to my mind. Constantly bouncing back and forth between houses and designs! Flip 5 and Flip 6 couldn’t be more different! I left you hanging on the Flip 5 kitchen remodel (currently on hold…thanks, Flip 6). And then I introduced… Continue reading Flip 5: The Room That Has Me Stumped

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Surprise! Welcome to Flip 6!

I’m not a very good blogger…I took another unintended blogging hiatus. This time for a month! Don’t mistake my silence, however, for inaction. It’s the exact opposite. I have been swamped. All kinds of swamped. Work has been unbelievably busy– no complaints about that! I’ve been trucking along on Flip 5. But I also had… Continue reading Surprise! Welcome to Flip 6!