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The Latest Kitchen Remodel Progress

This kitchen remodel has been going and going and going. I was beginning to think there wasn’t going to be an end, but, finally, I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There hasn’t been a single update since my last one EXCEPT that I had to let my first crew go. After three weeks and not a single tile had been laid, and I kept getting pushed back on their schedule…I made the decision that they had to go.

So I had to scramble at the last minute to find someone. I eventually chose the company where I purchased my tiles. I figured- who better to know tiles than the tile company?  Plus there’s a level of warranty of the work and someone supervising to make sure the people are showing up. I will say, this choice was not cheap. It was more than double what I was going to pay the first crew. But the longer I do this, the more I remind myself “You get what you pay for.”


Prior to the tile install, I swapped out the dishwasher. The original one was a cheapy Hotpoint that had seen better days. I knew I wanted a stainless steel one, and I read tons of reviews. I know that Kitchenaid had awful reviews, but I was pretty happy with Maytag. I eventually chose this dishwasher. It was at a good price point. I purchased from Best Buy and had them install it because they were cheaper than my regular handyman.


The new crew got started midweek, and they had A LOT of prep work to do. Part of it was because of the haphazard way the first crew did the demo and the damage they left behind and part was because there are some quirks in the walls of the kitchen (old house problems!). They spent an entire day just prepping the walls and floors.


During the demo phase, they had gutted the walls down to the studs. My new crew had to add some new studs, backerboard, and mud just to get it ready for the tile. The little corner that originally had backsplash tile to the floor needed a lot of prep work too because it was uneven, and since I wanted to replicate the tile to the floor, they had their work cut out for them! But, luckily, I was really impressed with their work. They got it done and done well!


After the prep work was done, my countertop guy came and glued down the faux butcher block. Then it was game time! I was so excited to see the tile get installed! They started with the backsplash. And the more I see it, the more obsessed I become with it! I just love the subtle pattern and how the colors are really enhanced by the countertop.


This new crew made really good time on the install. Keep in mind the last crew had been on the line for THREE weeks without any visible progress. By the 2nd day the tile was laid with this new crew! I always have a vision in my head and cross my fingers that it looks as good in person as it does in my head. And my oh my- once I saw that backsplash tile on the wall, I LOVED it! It turned out better than my vision!


After they got the hexagon backsplash installed, it was time to install those gorgeous hex oversized floor tiles. You may remember there was quite a debate about these floors because of the price and my plan B didn’t work out, so I ended up with my first choice. And, honestly, I’m not sad about it!


By the third day, all of the tile was done and they were grouting. I used a gray grout– same on the floor and the backsplash. I love how it really enhances the pattern on the tile!


And, guys, the finished product. I mean seriously– it could not have turned out any better? I love the hex tile, the monochromatic palette, the rich grains in the countertop and the vintage stove. I mean the space looks amazing, right?20171110_212654.jpg

This Beehive tile from Daltile is really a show piece. You can’t NOT notice the pattern, but yet the subtle color isn’t too distracting. I loved how they turned out!

This week had a lot of big, visible changes! After weeks of frustrations and bad news, I needed this week! This whole tile situation was way more stressful than I had anticipated. My plan is to take a week or so off before I tackle the next big project in the kitchen: the cabinets. I will be keeping the cabinets but having them refaced and painted!

And because the numbers are the most important, here’s a breakdown of where I’m at on cost:

$500 +$160= $660 to pay the first crew (I know, I fired them. But I am going to pay them for the demo work they did)

$2,131.79= Tile

$3,345.74= Tile install

$493.86= Dishwasher

$241.41= Dishwasher install, warranty, and parts

CREDIT: $420= (unused tile materials that store is refunding me)

TOTAL: $6,452.80

I’m wayyy over my projected budget. This total does not include the cabinet refacing or the painting. Things got out of hand in this project—mostly due to the first crew I had to fire. They obviously cost me time and money. But that’s the risk of house flipping. Here’s hoping the rest of the projects on this house aren’t near as cursed!



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