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Kitchen Remodel: Week 2

After a productive demo week that kicked of the kitchen remodel at Flip 4, everything halted in its tracks. Including me.

If you follow me on Instagram (why aren’t you?!), you know I had a crazy health ailment. After waking up with an intense, I mean insanely intense, nausea, spinning, and horrible headache, I was diagnosed with an ear rock slide. Never heard of it have you? I hadn’t, but here’s what I can tell you: It’s HELL.ON.EARTH.

Long story short, it halted all work. That and I hit a major debacle with my floor tile choice– it was sold out and discontinued. So I had to order my 1st tile choice–the most expensive tile I’ve ever purchased for a flip. But, damn, I’m in love with it.


I did have a major win this week- despite the rocks in the ears! My much debated countertops arrived! Gah– I LOOOOOVE them! I am so glad I went with a fabricated faux butcher block. These Wilsonart Old Mill Oak laminate counters look so much like butcher block, but without the upkeep and maintenance. These are scratch resistant and super easy to clean. And guess how much I spent on materials and labor for the whole kitchen?

Brace yourself.


Dang, that’s good, right?


We haven’t glued the counters on yet because we’re waiting on some final backsplash prep work to be completed next week. But just take a minute to admire them! Aren’t those beautiful? And a pretty dang close replica!


Even though I had a tile setback, the new drool-worthy floors arrived. All 1,000 POUNDS! It’s a lot of tile…and it wasn’t cheap. But you know, I never pull the trigger on something expensive that I love. But I did it this time partly because I had no choice and partly because, well, I love them. Duh. They’re just so simple and clean but with a pop of character with the hexagon shape.


The backsplash tile also arrived this week. I get giddy every time I look at it. That mini-hex mosaic and subtle pattern design. I’m dead. I can’t wait to see this laid!


The only visible progress this week was that the backerboard was laid in preparation for the tile. This isn’t a pretty step- but a necessary step!

So while I don’t have a lot to show in terms of progress, a lot happened this week that insures a successful week 3.

And because the most important thing to keep track of is numbers, here’s where I’m at so far:

$2,131.79 Floor tile, backsplash, grout

$525 countertops & install

$1,300 Kitchen floor/backsplash demo, Kitchen floor/backsplash install, backerboard, thinset, labor

TOTAL (SO FAR): $3,956.79

After I get the tile stuff done, the next big expense will be refacing the cabinets. Then painting them!


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel: Week 2

  1. Wow! But you have had an interesting week. The kitchen is going to be gorgeous. How are the ears? My mother in law had something similar. It was said she had loose crystals! Never heard that one! But she went in for some adjustments and it worked. She would lie with her head tilted back and the doctor would turn her head this way and that. I could not quite describe it. But low and behold, It worked. Wish you luck with your ears and the kitchen. Thanks for the post.

  2. I’m having a moment of envy just looking at those varied patterned hex tiles for the backsplash ! It’s going to really complement the flooring – looking forward to pictures when installation is complete.
    Sorry about the vertigo episode . . .not fun at all ! Take it easy, kiddo.

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