Scoring Design Knock-offs: Champagne Taste On a Beer Budget

I’m sure most of us want to stay with the current trends, but who has the money to shell out thousands of dollars with the change of the season? Not me! But the good news about trends is that they are sure to inspire more affordable knockoffs! It’s no longer necessary to spend almost a thousand dollars on a rug– quality and affordable alternatives are now available!


One of my favorite places to stroll through and gawk/admire is Restoration Hardware. They’re known for the impeccable style, quality products…and expensive prices. I’ve never bought a thing from RH– not because I didn’t want to! I couldn’t afford to! This luxurious Strada rug is the perfect mixture of texture and design. But at $1,125, you better love that rug for life!

2017-10-25 (1)

Similarly styled in texture and color is Boutique Rug’s Tibetan rug. But for almost $1,000 LESS! Isn’t that crazy? I love the dimension this rug can bring to a bare floor or additional warmth in a bedroom. Affordably priced and noticeably similar, this is the perfect alternative to RH’s rug.

2017-10-25 (3)

The revival of the Edison bulb has changed just about every aspect of lighting– including outdoor bistro lights. We have transitioned from leftover Christmas lights to warm and stylish Edison lights. Pottery Barn’s take on the bulbs will run you $79…for a strand of lights. To me? That’s not an economical choice.

2017-10-25 (2)

And that’s why they created Target! Target seems to always offer a more affordable knock-off version of the higher priced items. Their Edison bulbs will run you $25…you can be THREE strands of Target lights for what you’d pay for one strand at Pottery Barn. To me, this one is a no brainer!

2017-10-25 (5)

I love to incorporate pieces that bring some old-school charm into a space. I’m a sucker for scales– both replica and authentic. These faux scales from Macy’s would be perfect counter accents in the kitchen. And while $186 isn’t absurd, why spend that much when there’s a cheaper alternative?

2017-10-25 (4)

And Target for the win- again! These identical scales are less than half the price at Macy’s! I could see displaying holiday decor on these scales, using in an office library, or credenza accent. And what makes it better? You saved a chunk of change!

2017-10-25 (6)

These brass circular mirrors have been floating all around blog land. They’re modern, simple, and definitely on trend with the brass; however, $300? This West Elm version is out of my price range for an accent mirror.

2017-10-25 (7)

Another Target knock-off! I actually picked up this beauty in store. It’s large enough and heavy enough to be a quality piece without paying hundreds. I’ll be hanging this in the entry area for Flip 5.

2017-10-25 (8)

Neutral linen has made a comeback thanks to Joanna Gaines and the farmhouse movement in decorating. It’s a good, durable fabric that pairs nicely with various decor. I love the simple accent of a linen table runner, especially to dress up at the holidays. But for just a strip of fabric, I can’t justify $60 for Williams Sonoma version.

2017-10-25 (9)

Do I even need to tell you where the knock-off came from? Target, of course! You can purchase two of these linen runners for less than the price of one. I love when I can get more product for less money– it pays to shop around!

Styles are replicated, sometimes with very little differences. By diligently shopping around, you might just discover how much you could save!

Since Target is the master of the knock-off and king of our wallets (ha!), who doesn’t want to get EVEN MORE money back when you buy the knock-offs? You can get 5% cash back on any of the Target knock-off purchases. Any purchases made at Target with a Discover card saves you 5% this month & next. You can sign up for the 5% discount here.

If you haven’t heard of Ebates, it will also give you cash back IN ADDITION to the Discover cash back. On any of these purchases– not just the Target ones–you get cash back via Ebates. To get more info on earning cash back, you can sign up here (and combine cash back/discount bonuses!). Just by signing up, you automatically get $10 cash back to apply to any of these purchases!

I do receive compensation or bonuses if you sign up for either Discover or Ebates. However, you can also receive those same bonuses if you refer someone once you have signed up!




11 thoughts on “Scoring Design Knock-offs: Champagne Taste On a Beer Budget

  1. Great post! I’m restoring a 1920 farmhouse. I’m retired and already have most everything I need but I can’t stop looking, just in case… lol! There are some good websites, like “Decoresteals” that offer good prices and of course, Hobby Lobby has good sales and a weekly 40% off coupon if your on their email list.

    I love your blog. You offer great common sense ideas and info. You don’t get caught up in all the fads. You show us the good and the bad; fortunately there is very little “bad”!

    Yesterday I finally closed on an 1894 barn-turned-farmhouse in the suburbs that I lived in and fixed up starting in 1990, by myself. A hermit lived there for about 50 years before I bought it so it was a bit of a nightmare. It was all I could afford on a secretary’s salary. I really appreciate all you go through. When I started there were no blogs, just a few magazines and “This Old House”. I had contractor nightmares and a lot of trial and error, but the satisfaction I felt was wonderful! Back then some contractors wouldn’t come and give me an estimate unless my “husband or a male friend was present” because women couldn’t possibly understand all that technical info!! We’ve come a long way!

    Now I live in the country and have found wonderful contractors that do what I can’t and I am doing it again, armed with more experience and awesome blogs like yours.

    Thank you for writing your experiences and sharing with us all that you are learning. I wish you much success in your flipping, your real estate business and your FL dream house. I finally got my dream farmhouse in the country with a wrap around porch and beautiful views in a little picturesque town of 800 kind and caring ppl. May all your dreams come true. 🙂

  2. well then you gota drink Miller High Life, “the Champagne of Beers” but seriously, this is great, on the Edison lights, Do you have a Menards near you? they have a good selection of LED Edisons for really good prices. have a good one!!!!

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