Department Store Art That Looks Expensive

I’m a big fan of faking– as in, something looks expensive but it was really a clearance/thrift store find. Who says you have to spend tons of money for your home to look welcoming and beautiful?

I know there are people that invest in art. I’m not one of them. I do, however, love a good accent on my walls– but hate paying hundreds of dollars. I’m knee deep in the kitchen remodel, but the next project waiting on deck is the dining room. In preparation for that project, I’ve been scouring for some affordable art to accent the space.

Terms & conditions apply..jpg

I’m not drawn to the Joanna Gaines style of sayings and words on the wall and calling it art, but to each their own. I like things that enhance color, style, and patterns. I’m looking for a great midcentury wood grain credenza or dresser for the dining room, and I want some beautiful art above it. But again, I don’t really want to spend a lot of money.

Maple 7

I plan on turning the blank wall area into storage with the credenza and cozy nook that enhances the style of the room. It’s not a big area, so the art I need doesn’t have to be massive. But I do want it to be eye-catching and beautiful…on a budget. I started by scouring several stores and discovered some beautiful art at department stores—like chain stores that are in every city. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t say I had considered department stores for art, but they’re really stepping up their game!


I’m deeply in love with this beautiful geode piece from Target. Target, people! In particular, the colors and movement bring some warmth to the room. You know I’m real big on brass lately and incorporating neutrals with metal tones really enhances my plan for the living room. For less than $65, I’m considering this piece to hang above the credenza. I recently purchased these curtains for the dining room, and I love how they would pair with this piece.

2017-10-21 (1)

These natural element replicas are really calling my name lately. Again, Target for the win on this agate piece. I saw this one in the store, and the colors are stunning. It’s a bit more green than the image shows, but there are some deep blues. I’m really torn between this piece and the previous gold one. This one is priced even better than the gold one- less than $50. At those price points, I might just snatch up both. The brass frame will accent the brass pieces I’ll be incorporating in the decor.

2017-10-21 (2).png

The colors in this one just make me drool! I may not own my beach house yet, but I still constantly decorate it in my mind. I saw this piece and knew it would be a perfect beach house accent. The colors mimic ocean waters so well. I’m obviously on a kick for art that ties in natural elements. This canvas piece is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond– you know where everyone and their cousin/niece/dog/neighbor/aunt registers for wedding gifts? While not as cheap as the Target price point, this piece is still pretty affordable– relatively speaking.  This “Windy” piece is less than $200 and sure to bring a pop of color in a neutral room.

2017-10-21 (3).png

Confession, I love flamingos. Like freakishly obsessed. And like I already said, I’m constantly decorating my non-existent Florida home in my mind. There’s a store that as soon as I land in Florida, I head straight there- Bealls. I love that department store so much! I foresee my Florida home being a modern twist on Golden Girls decor. Which, of course, has to include flamingo wall art, right? After taking a watercolor class at Haven over the summer, I’ve recently starting crushing on water color art. I also learned in that class that I don’t have the capability to do it, but I love the subtle effect of the paint. This flamingo water color at Bealls is beautiful with a great price– on sale for $36! I wouldn’t use this piece in my dining room remodel, but I would if it was in Florida!

2017-10-21 (5).png

When I was in college, I didn’t get the point of abstract art. Now, it’s about all that I buy. What I love about abstract art rather than a portrait, still life or landscape is that the colors are what are vital. A Tuscan landscape picture is very specific (thanks Kirklands circle 2010), but incorporating a color scheme into abstract art is versatile and not specific to a certain style. This piece is also available from Bealls, and, again the price point is great! At 40% off, this restored abstract is less than $60.

The two big contenders for me are obviously the Target pieces. What’s your pick?

For the curtains and the art I’m purchasing at Target, I saved 5% on the already sale prices. Any purchases made at Target with a Discover card saves you 5% this month & next. You can sign up for the 5% discount here.

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7 thoughts on “Department Store Art That Looks Expensive

  1. Hey, I love this article! I try to find them in thrift stores, even more of a steal! 😉
    Btw, the featured image for the article says “The looks expensive” instead of “That looks expensive” Just letting you know, I am a proofreader after all… 🙂

  2. Have to agree on Target! I am not normally a fan, but I got I am in love with their headboards! 3-4 years ago, I got one for each of my three bedrooms and they are the best! Barely over $100.00! I sill think they are a steal, and look just like the ones at the expensive furniture store for 100’s more!

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