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Kitchen Demo Week 1

The first project at Flip 5 is officially underway…with a bang! Before I could get started with the pretty stuff, there was a lot of demo work to be done. Like I mentioned before, I’m keeping the bones of the space but giving it a major face lift.

Maple 8

I initially had hoped to do most of the demo work myself, but quickly realized the task was larger than I was willing to take on. I did remove the countertops, but, I assure you, it was back-breaking work!


Unlike just about every other house on the planet, the tile in this house was laid to last forever. Through an apocalyptic blast. You see, the tile in the house wasn’t laid with just any adhesive– it was laid on top of 1.5″ of MORTAR, on top of wood subcounter. The tile on the walls and countertops were intended to stay there forever.

And that is definitely not ideal when you’re trying to remove it!


Each small section of countertop weighs at least 60lbs. It was the most phenomenal feat to have them removed. And they used no less than 100 nails to keep the subcounter nailed down. This was no crappy-built home!


Getting the countertops out was the extent of my work. I’m getting to the point where just because I can, doesn’t mean I should or want to. My back hates me more and more when I push myself, so I hired my floor girl to do the demo and the install. And I’m so glad I signed off on the backsplash…it was a beast!


The amount of debris accumulated during week 1 of demo is insane. The tile broke off in tiny pieces rather than large chunks (especially on the backsplash), so there is debris for days. And days. And days!


I am so, so glad that I signed off on the floors and hired it out. Busting out tile is hard labor, and I just wasn’t motivated to complete this task myself. I did a small section and quickly realized that I had lost all motivation! I hired a crew to come in and bust out all of the existing tile. After two full days of demo just on the floor, they finally got it all busted up. I’m sure it would have easily taken me at least a week on my own.


Demo always goes fast and by the end of week 1 the kitchen was totally demoed! Unlike other house flippers, if you remember, I live in most of my flips. This one included. So, as of the end of week 1, I have a gutted kitchen. Have you ever tried grocery shopping for the upcoming week knowing you have no access to a stove/oven? The microwave is hooked up in the master bedroom. The fridge is in the dining room.

Basically, life is chaotic right now.


The new countertops have been ordered but haven’t arrived yet. The new backsplash can’t go in until the countertops are done. So there will be a little lull time between those projects. And I’m so ready for those projects to be done, so I can have a functional kitchen again!


The current state of the kitchen is pretty drab. I may have to live like this for a few weeks.  But hey, I lived in worse conditions in Flip 1, so I can do this.


The next step is to install the backboard and then lay the floor tile. As with all my flips, nothing goes smoothly though. There’s a hiccup in the flooring situation. The floors I wanted were SO expensive– more than I’ve ever spent on floors in any flip. But, oh my gracious, did I love them. But then I found a cheaper alternative at Lowe’s— good news, right?

Until I bought all that Lowe’s had in a 60 mile radius and was still 328 pieces of tile short. And then Lowe’s discontinued the tile. And then the national customer service at Lowe’s sucked. So, now I’m back to my expensive 1st choice tile. I had to order it, so there will be another lull time between projects. I’m hoping the tile will come in next week, and we can get the floors finished so I can get my stove back in there!

A lot has happened in Demo Week 1. A lot more to go in the upcoming weeks. And, yes, it’s an inconvenience to live in this chaos…but as I’ve said a gazillion times before, this inconvenience has (and will) payoff!


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Demo Week 1

  1. Oh, yes, I can relate to the tile set in mortar. Our house was built in 1979 and all of the tile in the bathrooms is set directly into mortar. I found that out when when had to put a shutoff in the hall closet just on the other side of the shower wall. And unfortunately the tile is/was Harvest Gold. Yuck–and it’s all over the floor, as well as the shower walls, floor and ceiling! Lived with that color until a year or two and then went the simpler route and had the tile “refinished” (basically painted with an epoxy paint and textured with an overlay). Doesn’t look as nice as a new tile job would, but we were unable to do that big a job by ourselves, or afford to have someone do it for us. At least the Harvest Gold is gone… Glad you were able to actually remove and replace it!

  2. I love love your blog!!!!
    My projects are so much smaller than yours. When I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed, I think of you, and it gives me INSPIRATION!!!! 🤗
    Always tell yourself (myself) this too shall pass, this will be worth it in the end…
    And, then when we reach the end —- that big sigh of satisfaction… then bam!!! we are looking for the next project, right?! 🤣
    You go girl!!!! 💟

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