How I’m Saving Up For An Investment Property

When I started this blog way back when, I was pretty open that the goal of my crazy house flipping life was to pay off my $70,000+ student loans.

Obviously I did that.

So what’s next? For the last couple years, I’ve been chatting on here about my love for SW Florida. And that love has continued to grow.

My next big goal that I’ll be chronicling on the blog is me saving up for an investment property in SW Florida. My long term goal is to retire there, so I want to retire down there in a paid for house— that OTHER people paid for!


The primary funds I have to save up for initially are the down payment and closing costs. While anyone can get into a house with 20% down, 5% down, or even 0% down, that isn’t the issue. The issue is getting the monthly mortgage payment as low as possible so the profit margin is significant from rent.


The minimum I want to put down is $100,000.

Yeah, I know. I’m crazy.

So how am I doing it?

    • Obviously real estate has been my primary focus. That hasn’t changed, but I am now diversifying. I took a portion of the proceeds from Flip 3 and Flip 4 and invested in mutual funds. I chose a more moderately aggressively tract with the initial funds. I have also since added to my initial balance.
    • While mutual funds are typically designed for a more long term investment approach, my investment adviser is helping to investment in mutual funds in a more aggressive approach than is standard. I will continue to add to the mutual funds on a regular basis…even if it’s just $1,000 a time.
    • This isn’t changing…obviously. I’m starting Flip 5 and in 2 years(ish), I’ll list it. A large portion of those proceeds will go directly into the mutual fund.
    • Unlike Flips 1-3, Flip 5 is considered an investment property because I purchased it via my LLC. So regardless if I stay there 2 years or not, I will have to pay capital gains tax. That’s a hit I hate! But it’s easier on the lending side with the LLC.
    • During the time I’m saving up, I will most likely purchase Flip 6 and then cash it out after a year or two.
    • Another avenue I’m just now getting my feet wet with and learning as much as I can about is wholesale home buying. More on that later…so stay tuned.
    • What started out as a hobby (and still basically is), Mac’s Attic is also becoming a good additional paycheck each month. I’m refocusing my goals and will focus heavily on selling online. This is an easy method of getting additional cash.
    • My goal for 2018 is to net $10,000 from online sales. Then additional income from Mac’s Attic’s appearances at The Junk Ranch. There are people that net six figures on Ebay (I LOVE following them on Instagram and YouTube and learning), but I have to be realistic with my time.
    • I only know how to do life with 942 things on my plate! This summer I started assisting a local non-profit with some additional duties. I don’t work tons, and I work from home. I won’t get rich from this, but those smaller paychecks accumulate into something that helps with my goal!
    • Banks/REO companies frequently hire me out to do market analysis for homes that are being foreclosed or refinanced. During Flip 4, I put a halt on these because I didn’t have time. I will continue to do these here and there to add to my $100,000 goal.20170726_103846.jpg

Keep in mind, I’m doing all this as a single girl. I have one income, 100% commission based, that greatly fluctuates. So it won’t be easy. But neither was paying off $70,000 in five years!

My realistic timeline is 5 years. My ideal timeline is 3 years.

In the meantime, I frequently scour the SW Florida listings. I want to get to know their market as well as I know the market here. It’s going to be a crazy and hectic journey of saving up $100,000, but it’s mind over matter. Learning to keep my eyes on the prize, work my ass off, and staying disciplined will be essential!


7 thoughts on “How I’m Saving Up For An Investment Property

  1. You’re already way ahead of the game by having a stated goal, a realistic time-line in which to achieve that goal and a flexible,’doable’ plan for accumulating the money you need to reach that goal. YEA !

  2. We have our retirement home in SW FL and love it, its on Pine Island (Lee County/Cape Coral/Ft Myers area). There’s still some bargains there for someone like you who can “flip houses”. I watch the real estate market all the time because I am interested in how it works; wish I were younger, with more energy & money, and I know that’s the direction I would go. Email me if you want and let me know if that’s the area you are interested in, and what you’re looking for and I can send you listings I see that might interest you.
    Janice Duncan
    P.S. I think your plans & goals are great; like I said if I were your age (and knew what I know now), I would try to do exactly what you’re doing……….but at 66, its time for me to sit back and relax and dream about “coulda, shoulda, woulda”………:)

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