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Flip 5 Demo Update

Sometimes I take unintended blogging hiatus. Things with work have been very busy, so finding the time to sit down a draft blog posts has been impossible! I do, however, daily share my happenings on Instagram, so you can stay caught up there!

But don’t let the blog silence fool you. I finally got started with some demo on Flip 5. I’ve been putting it off because I’m exhausted. Living in a house flip is exhausting, and I had to get the gumption to get started.

As I mentioned earlier, the first major project is the kitchen remodel. I was hoping the demo work would be easy and enjoyable as it normally is on my projects.

It wasn’t.



The tile screams 1990s, and the grout lines are dark and large. And the white 12×12 tiles are starkly white. I want to warm up the space, so that means the floors have to go. And as I’ve shared before, I’ve busted up countless tile floors in my life. And it’s actually one of my favorite demo projects because it’s usually such an “easy” task.

Not in this house.

They started coming up easily and then all hell broke loose. I spent two days chipping, busting, hammering and everything else I could think of. They started coming off in tiny fragments. By the end of Day 2, my back was throbbing, I had barely made progress, and said countless curse words. So I’ve called in reinforcement! My floor gal from Flip 4 will be coming to bust up the floor and install the new tile! Yay! My back is forever grateful.


I’ve bragged about my midcentury stove in this house. Over 50 years old and it still works beautifully! I slid it out this week while trying to address the tile debacle, and OH.MY.HEAVENS. I think it’s safe to say it hasn’t been cleaned since it was originally installed! I scrubbed and scrubbed. It took lots of elbow grease to get all of the crud gone!


I’m obviously keeping the original vintage vent-a-hood! I am not, however, keeping the metal “backsplash” part of it. And after getting super frustrated with the tile floors, I tried removing it. It took forever, but I finally got the bottom section removed. I still haven’t got the top section loose. I gave up! That’s how a lot of projects go— it’ll be an easy DIY thing and it turns into a hellacious Mt. Everest endeavor.


I also visited my favorite tile shop this week to get started on the design side of the kitchen remodel. I was looking for something midcentury modern but with a more contemporary flair. I found the perfect backsplash! This honeycomb mosaic by Lungarno Ceramics is the 2″ Carrara Hexagon. Paired with the navy cabinets, I think the backsplash will really soften up the stark design.


I am not sold on the floor tile, but, currently, I’m leaning towards a more modern neutral. I was hoping to find some unique and interesting designs in floor tiles that are in a reasonable budget, but I wasn’t so lucky. I haven’t pulled the trigger on this tile yet because I’m still weighing my options and scoping out alternatives. It may be difficult to tell from the pictures, but the tile has “gold” specks similar to midcentury Formica countertops. That’s what drew my attention. This Mohawk Senato wall tile is a good neutral, and I don’t hate it. I just don’t know if I love it.


Another exciting milestone this week was that I found a cabinet guy! I’m having all of the cabinets refaced with shaker style cabinet fronts! I’ll be keeping the original hardware, but the overall look of the cabinets will get a huge face lift! The cabinet fronts are currently be handmade and should be installed fairly soon. I also had him ditch the exposed hinges and will be replacing them with hidden hinges! I’m pretty excited to get the fronts & doors back!

I tell people frequently that I’m tired. And I am. I’m getting to the point where I hire more and more out. My back hated me for a week straight after working on the floors. I’m at the point where I can hire it out, so I am. Yes, I’d rather save the money and do it myself, but my back does not support that decision!



6 thoughts on “Flip 5 Demo Update

  1. What gorgeous hexi tile! You seem to have a knack for finding tile that is both beautiful and unique. I can’t wait to see more of this home!

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