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The Laundry Dilemma

I’ve mentioned before on here and my Instagram stories my disdain for the current laundry situation at Flip 5. I’ve never had a washer/dryer in the kitchen, and I hate it. I’ve been in the house for a month now, utilitzing the current stacked unit in the kitchen…and the more I live in the house and get a feel for it, I still hate it. Maybe even more.

Maple 11

I’ve also been frequenlty making the short trip out back to the loft apartment where I store much of Mac’s Attic stuff. And I get it now why some of you vented your concerns about moving the laundry out there. It’s only three short steps, but, again, as I’m living in the house, I could see how that would get old. Fast.

But those are really my only two options: laundry remains in the kitchen or laundry moved out back. I’ve had my plumber come and evaluate the situation. The current bid is $3,000+ to move the laundry. Ugh. I HATE sinking that much money into something I’m still not sold will actually enhance the value. One of my concerns is that the current stacked unit sticks out so far from the existing cabinets that I’m not sure how to build a closet without it sticking out?

laundry pic1


If the laundry stayed, I envision something like this. Again, given how far the current unit sticks out so much, I think the closet will awkwardly stick out from the cabinets. This will be something for my cabinet guy to weigh in on (if I ever find a cabinet guy…).

laundry pic2


The benefit of the closet is obvious- it hides the eyesore of laundry. Another thing I have discovered while living in the house is that I have no laundry storage. No place to store detergent, dryer sheets, etc. There is adequate space above the current unit to create a storage compartment to help with that.

laundry pic3.jpg


This particular image reminded me a lot of my current space. The laundry is right next to an exterior door with just marginal space between the cabinet. I like the skinny cabinet they’ve attached next to the washer/dryer. A place for more storage and maybe even hang a few shirts while they dry?

I’m adamant that I don’t want the washer/dryer unit to actually be visible. I still prefer it not to be in the kitchen, and I may still remove it. It’s just sinking $3,000 seems like such a gamble. I’d rather sink $3,000 on new countertops! The deciding factor will be my cabinet guy. What magic can he work? How much will it cost? Will it look awkward? Whatever I do, I want it to enhance the space & add value. Having laundry in the kitchen is far from ideal, but I’d like to make it more functional & aesthetically pleasing!

Maple 25

If I do opt to move the laundry to the studio apartment, it would be tucked in that little nook between the two windows. It would require me building walls and framing and probbably adding a barn door. All those things could be great assets, but they aren’t included in the $3,000+ bid. So the laundry situation could easily surpass the $4,000 mark. I want every dollar I spend to have a purpose and to bring money back to me. And, at this point, I’m just not sure sinking $4,000 will bring back a substantial return. The jury is still out and the numbers are still being crunched!


14 thoughts on “The Laundry Dilemma

  1. Maybe MOVE THE DOOR over where the washer and dryer is…use the opening to sink the washer and dryer unit through enough to be flush with cabinets on the left.. Outside build out the wall to hide this of course…or…maybe if they fit..(still relocate that door) close the opening turn the unit kitty corner and build a closed in cabinet that would blend into that huge wall opposite the cabinets and counter?

    It may work if you (move that door ) and instead of going kitty corner…just build an appropriate depth enclosure for the unit. Your uncle,the carpenter could probably save you a boat load of $ if you did something like this! Plus it’s probably a load bearing wall and you will have to modify the framing etc

    How about turning the unit around,push it out partially onto the patio through that original door opening (again, relocating that door ) and build some open shelves (solid back,to hide that back of the unit) extending only as far out as the other cabinets on the left. This may resolve the issue of it sticking out so much it on either side of the wall. If need be ,you could then enclose it on the Patio side too… and gain some open shelves in the kitchen area?

    I love the fact that you don’t destroy good tile work and incorporate the beauty of good craftsmanship into you remodeling versus being a carbon copy of all the others using barn and farm everything. Stay original! What a nice house though & cool blog ! 🙂 Good luck & congratulations on that flip 5 !

  2. I saw some ideas that would seem possible in a kitchen. Ditching the stacking unit and getting sidexside units may be more workable? That way, you could keep them in the kitchen, building an “L” shaped counter arm out and having them underneath with a workable countertop and hide them behind doors. This is a reference to what I mean: scroll down to the kitchen countertop


  3. I can’t remember the exact layout of your house but is there another area in the house where you could put the washer/dryer?
    I visit model homes here in California and more and more have their laundry area near bedrooms, built into cabinets in hallways, etc. Of course plumbing can be an issue. Just a suggestion.

  4. I have an outside laundry, which drives me crazy. Going out into the cold, the rain, the heat to get the laundry done is a pain. Yes, it hides the laundry out of sight, but if I had the option to bring it indoors, I would have done it already. For my input, keep it indoors. A tall skinny cupboard to put stuff away / hang shirts in is a great idea! It does look like you have the room. I would put it on the right, closest to the door, so that the setup looks neatly built in.

  5. Can the washer and dryer be inset into the wall to the right of the door next to where there appear to be some closets already? With a big enough opening, you could put a counter top over a side by side washer and dryer to use for folding clothes and a shelf above for supplies or hanging clothes. Maybe some doors that can open and slide back in along the side of the opening (like a roll top desk does) to cover up the space when not in use.

  6. Just a thought for the kitchen option. Can you turn the unit 90 degrees toward the back door. And have you looked at other washing machine and dryer combos. It might be cheaper to replace the washer and dryer with something more congenial.

  7. The washer and dryer have been in European kitchens for ever. Google European washer/dryer in kitchen. You could spend $1500ish on counter depth washer and dryer or washer/dryer combo and add a cabinet on the end to house them. If you did a combo then you could have pantry space above the washer/dryer or if it’s stacked then you have storage above it. Think about it…I would put a washer/dryer combo that is counter depth and then put an appliance garage over that and then storage above that. I really, really want an appliance garage in my next kitchen. https://blog.yaleappliance.com/best-compact-laundry-of-2015

  8. Good morning, Jenn. If you put the laundry unit in the studio apartment, along with other appliances, the apartment would be complete. But it could not be used as a rental property if you depend on that space for laundry. Compared to $4,000, how much would it cost to attach the studio apartment to the main house three steps away? You could open access to the new large space for the house residents to have as nice a laundry room plus second living area, while making more space in the kitchen. The hallway, breezeway, or solarium walk could have space for trash and recycling. Just another idea.

  9. This isn’t meant to be negative, just my two cents. I’ve lived with the laundry facilities just about any place imaginable: in a designated laundry room (preferred, of course!), in the kitchen, in an attached garage and finally, all the way down the side of the house, across the backyard, over the driveway and into a detached garage (way more than 3 steps). Let me say without hesitation, that was totally the pits! Rain, sleet, snow, freezing cold, high winds and HOT, HUMID temperatures are not conducive to wash day chores. Even going into an unheated, unconditioned air attached garage was a pain; it was two steps down plus an exterior door and storm door had to be managed and I was a LOT younger then than I am now. So, having the laundry facilities inside the house is mandatory in my situation. I could absolutely LOVE every detail about a house at a great price but without an indoor laundry, it would be a deal breaker. No ifs, ands or buts. One reason the dryer can stick out is due to the way the vent attaches. We bought a recessed hookup in our last house; it helped. Keep on looking at ideas and I’m sure you will find a way to work it all out!

  10. I have my washer and dryer in my kitchen, and I love it. It’s away from the bedrooms, so any noise from it doesn’t affect someone trying to rest. It’s easy to fold the clothes on the kitchen table and then just take them to the bedrooms. That being said, I do have full size washer/dryer units and they’re in a closet behind bi-fold doors.

  11. Is there anyway to put the laundry where the fridge is? Yes, it’s still in the kitchen but if you hid it in a cabinet it’s not so in your face and there is room there for a big cabinet. Then you can put the fridge where the laundry is now, it’s not as big and you could finish a cabinet surround for it.

  12. Hello, I come from France and we have so little space in our houses that the washing machine is almost always in the kitchen (luckiest have also a dryer). So I like the hidding cabinel option instead of putting it in the studio appartement.

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