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Midcentury Dining Room Inspiration

My first project may be the kitchen, but I’m also giving some attention to the dining room. The dining room won’t require a lot of work, but it does need a face lift. Since the dining room and kitchen are connected, I want a noticeable consistent theme, and, with Flip 5, I’m obviously utilizing a midcentury theme.

Maple 6 The bones of the room are great. The picture window, although not-functional currently, is the show stopper in here. The door on the right leads into the kitchen, and I will probably remove it. The amazing Dutch door on the left leads to the sunroom. The floors need some TLC and refinishing which will happen at some point.

Maple 4

The midcentury theme will be consistent throughout the entire house, but definitely most prominent in the kitchen, dining, and living since they all flow into each other. While midcentury design is my favorite, it’s really the only way to decorate this 1951 rancher.

With the revival of midcentury design, the replica designs are crazy popular. And when something is crazy popular that means it’s crazy expensive. If you’ve been around here for a minute, you have gathered I don’t do crazy expensive. I found budget friendly alternatives. I scour second-hand stores. I think we can all appreciate a budget-friendly alternative, right?

midcentury dining room

Besides paint and floors, the only real updates in this space will be finding the perfect dining table and perfect light fixture. Thanks to my Instagram pal, Real Estate By Design FL, I now know Target carries midcentury furniture! What on earth did we do before Target? And thanks to Amazon, affordable(ish) midcentury light fixtures are readily available. With the click of a mouse, I can now furnish my midcentury dining room without breaking the bank!

2017-09-23 (4)

The chrome Sputnik is iconic midcentury, but since I’m incorporating so much brass in this design, I love this twist on the classic Sputnik. Affordably priced on Amazon for $125- currently on sale! I’ll be honest, this one is my favorite. I’m leaning heavily towards purchasing one of these!

2017-09-23 (6)

I love the clean and simple lines from the midcentury era. This particular two-tone light stood out to me because it mimicked the design of some of the tables I chose. This one reminds me so much of The Brady Bunch design.  Am I the only one that watches those old-school childhood favorites and just gawk at the architecture and design?! I’ve wanted the sunken living room and staircase from The Brady Bunch forever! This is the most affordable of the lights I chose at under $100 on Amazon.

2017-09-23 (5)

While this cone chandelier is the most expensive, relatively speaking it’s still extremely affordable at $250. To me, this one seems like the best replica of an original. The cone, brass design is iconic midcentury. Again, simple clean lines in this one offers a nod to my favorite design era.

2017-09-23 (2)

Let me say this again…this furniture is from Target! I still can’t even fathom that! It makes me giddy– affordable prices & great design!

This classic Danish style solid Walnut stain table is classic and simple. Add a pop of design or color with chairs or table runner, but this is a classic table. I love the simple design and the size is perfect for the dining room. At just under $300, I’m tempted by this one!

2017-09-23 (3)

Probably my #1 pick is this two-tone table. It’s the most expensive at almost $400, but I love the midcentury lines but hint of modern design. Another thing I love about this one is the stain. While I’m typically a fan of darker stains, I think I’m leaning towards a lighter stain with this house.


Another classic table but with a twist of design is this Lucas dining table. This particular table is currently on sale and priced well at under $275. Again, I’m not sure I want a stain this dark, but I love those crossed legs!

2017-09-23 (1)

Similar to favorite pick is this Saracina table in a lighter stain. I actually like the lighter stain and would consider this one, but the stain I’m leaning towards for the kitchen cabinets are darker than this. This table is also currently on sale!

Being an old soul, it makes me so happy to see midcentury design come back. Of course, I like to think I loved old school charm before it became popular, but at least it’s now more readily available!

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Disclaimer: I will receive compensation if you sign-up for a Discover credit card.




4 thoughts on “Midcentury Dining Room Inspiration

  1. I just bought the Andenne Dining Table & Chairs from 1stopbedrooms. It has a glass top and a darker base–the styling is very similar to your two-tone table. Was delivered yesterday and is very well constructed! You should check it out.

  2. I know you’re not asking for votes, much less opinions, but . . . I personally like the clean line second ceiling fixture and the two-toned dining table – as they appear to truly complement each other without one overwhelming the other. Don’t you just love “window shopping” without spending real money while you ponder various choices?!?

  3. If you’re taking votes???…..I’d buy the clean lined light….it’s absolutely beautiful and sooo elegant, together with the simple table for under $300……..fabulous duo. Well done…jk

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