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Manic Mondays: 5 Minute Fixes

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are all busy!

In the spirit of that, I thought a new series would help us keep up with “joys” of home ownership. We tend to let certain things slide and put off because “I’ll get to it one day.” As a Realtor, I see regularly these little things add up to numerous to-do items! So each Monday, I’ll be highlighting several 5 minute fixes that even on a manic Monday (or Thursday…), we can all check off an item on the to do list!

There’s one area that often times gets bumped to the back burner because it can seem like so many projects: curb appeal.

I like to buy mums on the first chilly day and plant them or rush to plant flowers on the first semi-warm day in the spring, but, other than that, a lot of curb appeal projects can take days and lots of effort. But not all curb appeal projects are huge endeavors!

Manic Mondays

Anytime I’m at clients’ or friends’ houses, I’m always scoping out ideas…decorations, upcycles, storage ideas, etc. Recently while over at a friends house, we walked out back and I immediately commented “Wow, what’s your secret for your plants?”


I was expecting something about composting or MiracleGro, but that’s not the answer I got. She pulled back on the plants to show me a bag.


What you’re seeing is a bag of soil. Like the actual bag. I asked her to explain, and it’s a tip I’d never heard before…and definitely too good not to share!


She buys bags of soil and lays the bags in the flower bed. She then cuts open the bags with a box knife and removes only the top portion of the bag- like you see in the picture. She never removes the soil from the bags. She doesn’t sprinkle dirt in the flower beds.

And then here’s the part of the tip that seems so crazy to me– she plants the flowers directly into the bags of soil! And it works! I mean isn’t this the craziest thing ever?


What a time saver and genius way to grow beautiful flowers! Guess what I’ll be doing this coming Spring when it’s time to work on the flower beds at Flip 5? If you guessed planting flowers in bags of soil, you’re right!


7 thoughts on “Manic Mondays: 5 Minute Fixes

  1. Oh my gosh – what a terrific idea . . . and I must admit, that’s right up my aching back to plant right in the open bag . . . hahahaha – who’d have guessed !

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