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Midcentury Kitchen Inspiration

I am so excited to tackle another midcentury design. I don’t, however, want it to just be a repeat of Flip 3. I want to incorporate MCM design but in a different way than I did in Flip 3. In Flip 3, I used laminate countertops. I think I want to go a different route this time.

Maple 9

Typically, I hate tile countertops. But, in this case, I really love them, but, unfortunately, they’re not in good shape. They cracked and chipped in several places. So they aren’t salvageable. So I’ll be removing them. The good news, though, is that the original cabinets are in good shape. I’ll clean them up, give them a fresh coat of paint, and definitely keep the original hardware!

Maple 10

And the showcase of the kitchen is obviously the original GE stove and the vintage overhead vent hood. Both of those will be staying. But, again, I’m ditching all the blue tile.

Maple 8

Some of the best news I have received is that I can move the stacked washer/dryer unit out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the only viable place to move it is to the studio apartment out back. I hate that, but I really want it out of the kitchen. Thanks to one of my reader’s ideas, the area where the washer/dryer unit is at will become a built-in desk area.

Usually I have a very distinct vision for a space, but I keep waffling a little on this kitchen. I’m busting out the floor tile and the countertop/backsplash tile, but that’s the extent of what I have planned. So I’ve been scouring the web trying to find some inspiration.



Earlier this year while I was at the floor store picking up some tile for Flip 4, my sales rep showed me some new tile. It was all geometric. It’s all the rage, and, yet, it harkens to the midcentury area. I’m really leaning towards some type of geometric backsplash.MCM2.jpg


I always love to keep the integrity of the home. I considered adding blue tile backsplash as a nod to the original design. I know it’s a very bold choice, but maybe blue isn’t too bold if I choose the right kind of tile? I’m still debating that.



My next debate is what type of countertop should I use? I’ve considered marble, but then I waffle that it’s too modern? I do know I absolutely love the waterfall edge, and I may incorporate that.



Flip 4 was the first time I utilized butcher block, and I loved the look. I don’t think its appropriate for MCM, but I appreciate the incorporation of the grain in this style coutnertop in contrast to the popping backsplash.


What are some of your favorite midcentury design elements?




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