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Flip 3: Green Bathroom Reveal

I’ve revealed Flip 5. I’ve revealed that I’ve sold Flip 3. But you know what I totally forgot to reveal? The green bathroom after its remodel! The green bathroom was a loooong process to remodel that started well before I even purchased Flip 4, and it didn’t end until right before I listed Flip 3. While I was knee-deep in Flip 4, I pretty much stopped all work on the bathroom.

To get caught up, you can see how I busted up the existing the floors, added backer board, cut the tile for the floor, laid the tile, grouted the tile, and finally finished the floor!  I also convereted the single sink vanity into a dual sink vanity. Then I swapped out the old countertops for new ones. My last little projects were to create a DIY towel holder and swap out shower heads.


I kept the original vintage mint green tile on the walls. I love keeping original character when I can. I even kept the original vanity cabinet, but I swapped out hardware for new hardware with a vintage design. I found the perfect gray for the walls and added my vintage Florida gallery wall.


I got lucky with the sinks. I scored two for $20 off a Facebook trade site. I had my plumber hook up the sinks and the new faucets that look vintage. I think I got the faucets at Home Depot, but I couldn’t find a link to them to share with you.


I didn’t want to just get a standard faucet, so that’s why I loved this one. It looks old and vintage to align with the throwback charm of this bathroom.

20170623_170339 1.jpg

My last little accent were these amazing light fixtures! I found these at a local thrift store for $4 each. I loved the midcentury design to them…and it didn’t hurt that it reminded me of Golden Girls. I swapped out the semi-working long fluorescent light and hung these lights flush against the wall.


Once I had all the projects finished, it was time to list the property. I spent over a year without any working faucet in this bathroom, and had two working ones just long enough to list the house! What I love about the finished product is that it looks almost original. I stayed true to the character  & era of the home.

All in all, I think I spent less than $2,000 on this space. The bathroom now has a new toilet, new faucets, newer sinks, new countertops, new hardware, and new shower head. It still has several original elements.




5 thoughts on “Flip 3: Green Bathroom Reveal

  1. One thing I always appreciate is how you don’t jump in and demolish everything, but instead look for opportunities to refurbish and rejuvenate, not just to save money, but to save the charm inherent in many of these vintage houses.

  2. I do love the Green Bathroom. It does look vintage, but modern, too. The gray on the walls tones the green down, and the shower curtain visually lengthens the room a good three feet. Of course, I like the dual sinks on the old cabinet, but I really like that you left the big mirror. It reflects the long shower curtain, but it really helps when two people are using the bathroom for shaving, doing makeup, and doing hair. This is retro done right.

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