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Manic Monday: 5 Minute Fixes

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are all busy!

In the spirit of that, I thought a new series would help us keep up with “joys” of home ownership. We tend to let certain things slide and put off because “I’ll get to it one day.” As a Realtor, I see regularly these little things add up to numerous to-do items! So each Monday, I’ll be highlighting several 5 minute fixes that even on a manic Monday (or Thursday…), we can all check off an item on the to do list!

Manic Mondays

I have a confession to make. I hate blinds. I severely hate cheap horizontal blinds, but I’m not a huge fan of wood (or more recently faux wood) blinds. I understand their function, but I hate the look. So, more often than not, I don’t put anything except drapes up. And another reason to hate blinds is the installation makes you want to scream and run for the hills. Or maybe that’s just me.


With all the projects in the master bedroom of Flip 3, thinking about the windows was honestly far back on the list. I had to stain the floors, paint the walls, and 10 million other projects before I ever decided to think about the windows. I shared this week’s 5 minute tip before, but like last week’s, I wanted to point out this window covering alternative again for two reasons: 1. It’s the easiest and quickest thing to install & 2. It’s a way to add texture and design rather than cheap plastic blinds.


In most of the rooms, I opted not to do window covers. I loved the natural light that flooded the spaces. But in my bedroom, I certainly didn’t appreciate tons of natural light on a Saturday morning while trying to sleep in. So, as an alternative to blinds, I chose bamboo Roman shades. I loved the natural element and texture they brought to the space, but the easy install was my favorite part.


Not all Roman shades are easy to install, so if you opt for a complicated one, expect to spend more than 5 minutes. The kind that I have chosen have two hooks that hang like a picture would hang. You install just like if you were preparing to hang a picture. I added two screws above the window and hung the hooks directly on to the screws. And that was all it took to install. Removing them is easy to do since all you have to do is pull them off the screws.


The final product was easy to install, affordable, and added a functional accent to a space. While styles and designs in Roman shades vary, I appreciate the install design of these. I will say, however, this kind of Roman shade doesn’t seem to be as common. Other styles are a little more complicated to install. If you’re looking for this easy install style though, here a few possibilities:



One thought on “Manic Monday: 5 Minute Fixes

  1. What I like about this idea: (1) stylish (2) easy on the wallet (3) gender neutral and (4) easy to hang. In other words, there’s lots to like. Thanks for sharing!

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