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Manic Mondays: 5 Minute Fixes

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are all busy!

In the spirit of that, I thought a new series would help us keep up with “joys” of home ownership. We tend to let certain things slide and put off because “I’ll get to it one day.” As a Realtor, I see regularly these little things add up to numerous to-do items! So each Monday, I’ll be highlighting several 5 minute fixes that even on a manic Monday (or Thursday…), we can all check off an item on the to do list!


Obviously one of my favorite fixes is to paint anything. If it doesn’t move, I’m painting it! But I’m not highlighting paint as a 5 minute fix because Lord knows paint is way more than a 5 minute fix. In Flip 4, the guest bathroom needed so much help– in particular, the vanity. After giving it a fresh coat of paint and a new countertop, I had one more fix up my sleeve.


One of the easiest ways to update some dated cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom is the swap out the hardware. If you can use a screwdriver, you can update the hardware. Whether you’re shopping at Lowe’s or Home Depot or one of my personal favs, D. Lawless Hardware, there’s a variety of selection of hardware.


You can take hinges and hardware that shows years of grime and grease or even a dated design and update original cabinets to a more modern appearance. In Flip 4, I kept the original cabinets but swapped out the hardware and hinges. I chose oil-rubbed bronze to match  the shower kit and faucets. This was such an inexpensive and fast update.

Choosing hardware, to me, is always a fun little adventure. I love scoping out styles that are unique and not so mainstream. I’ve already been eyeing some new ones I want to use in upcoming projects!


I typically don’t like glass hardware unless it’s original. But this replica keeps drawing my attention. I’m seeing these in a renovated bathroom cabinet!

2017-08-06 (1).png

But, honestly, I really, really want to use these midcentury puzzle pulls. I need another midcentury kitchen to redo so I can incorporate these. What I love about them is the mixture of textures and how unique they are!

2017-08-06 (2)

Even though I have no idea where I’m living next, I’m already planning my next kitchen. The gray and black combo keep getting my attention, and I’m loving matte black hardware!


Ditch the 80s brass or scratched wood pulls and get inspired to swap out the hardware in your kitchen!


3 thoughts on “Manic Mondays: 5 Minute Fixes

  1. New hardware is so fun. I got great deals on Ebay for our new house. I only use well reviewed stores with lots of sales. I saved a ton of money on hardware and got some really great black matte round door knobs and modern cup drawer pulls, used in kitchen and laundry. In our old house, I chose to spray paint the builder supplied cheap looking gold ones in oil rubbed bronze; worked like a charm just to get the house sold.

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