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The Beer Budget Sunroom Remodel

One of the last biggest hurdles I had in finishing Flip 3 was the sunroom. It was a disaster…and that’s putting it nicely. For last two years, it has served as my workshop, storage unit, and overall eyesore. I knew that none of those things would help to sell the house, so I knew it needed a remodel.

One problem: I was out of money.


And I wasn’t lying when I said it was a DISASTER. And with a beer budget, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Literally from floor to ceiling, every square inch of the room needed some serious attention. Sometimes I like to challenge myself…how little can I spend to change this room? Well, I really put that challenge to the test with this room!


Ideally, I would have loved to slap some shiplap on those walls or some kind of covering, but, again, I had no money. So my only option was paint. I used leftover paint from the exterior paint job. The reason I opted to use a dark gray rather than white for the trim is because pollen and dust come through the screens, and I didn’t want the trim to always look dirty. For the walls, I used my perfect gray. I did purchase a gallon of it for $20. It took two coats and a few touch ups to cover everything. I will say, painting plywood is not loads of fun. The coarse texture makes it more difficult than painting drywall.20170701_112743.jpg

After I got all the painting done, the next step was to address the ceiling. It was patch worked with rotting and decaying plywood. Again, I wanted to create some kind of beadboard or tongue/groove ceiling, but money didn’t allow that. So I had to work with what was affordable: paint. Using the same paint color as the trim, I decided to leave the ceiling exposed with beams showing and then just paint them. I considered painting the beams a different color, but opted to leave it all one color.


Just clearing out all the junk and getting some paint on the walls and ceiling really made the space look better! It took two gallons of Storm Coat paint from Lowe’s ($50 total for both gallons). My last hurdle to figure out was the flooring. Originally, there was decaying indoor/outdoor carpet that I ripped up. The slab was rough and not ideal for tile. I considered just putting indoor/outdoor carpet in a more contemporary design/color out there, but, again, money was at a premium. So can you guess what I did?


If you guessed paint, you’re right. You know I like to save money on flooring, and I actually beat my $50 floor. I bought one gallon of $20 porch paint in dark gray from Lowe’s. This is the same paint I used for the basement flooring in Flip 4, but instead of using dark gray, I used their light gray for Flip 4. I ended up using almost all of this gallon. It took two coats and some touch ups.


After I got the floor painted, I went back and painted the edges with a craft sponge brush. Is painting the floor my first choice? No…I would have loved to tile it. Does it work for now? Yep. If the buyer doesn’t like it, it’s still a blank slate that they could transform.


After I got paint slapped from floor to ceiling, it was time to stage. Again, I needed to save as much money as possible, so I tried to use a lot of what I already had. The vintage metal chairs were Mac’s, and I’ve always loved them. Unfortunately, the original cushions were decayed, but I lucked out and found some on clearance at Walmart for $15 each. I ended up by four sets for a total of $120…the most expensive purchase for this room. But I also justified it because I’ll be taking these with me. While I was at Walmart, I found a great deal on the striped gray curtains- two curtains for $12! I bought three sets for $36– a total of six panels. For the mini-curtain rods, I picked those up for $3 at Walmart too– they even include the mounting hardware! I bought six of those for a total of $18. And my last splurge was the flamingo pillows at a whopping $5 each at Walmart.

I was really impressed what I was able to scrounge up at Walmart!


A family friend had a battered shelf that they didn’t want, so I took it and gave it a fresh coat of paint with a $2 gallon of estate sale paint. I stopped by the local thrift store and gathered up some fifty cent and $1 baskets. Since that wall was so large, I wanted something to add visual appeal.  I spent less than $5 on the shell and decor!

If I was staying here, I would like to have put a large area rug to soften up the space. But my already tiny budget was blown, so I had to ditch that idea.


This was definitely a budget remodel. Sure I could have (and would liked to have) used higher finishes, but budget always dictates that. Using what I had, I think it’s a major improvement from where I started! It’s now a room you can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy the home!


My last little accent didn’t cost me a dime! I borrowed some bistro lights from my sister and hung those around the windows. Since there is only one small light in the porch area, I wanted to add more light and more atmosphere and I think the bistro lights definitely do that! I love the glow at night!

In the end, I spent about two weeks working on this room. My total tab ended up being $289 for a complete room transformation! Like I said, I like to challenge myself to see how little I can spend…and I’m pretty impressed I kept it under $300 and totally transformed the room!






9 thoughts on “The Beer Budget Sunroom Remodel

  1. Looks great! I love that color gray trim. What did you end up doing about the decayed / rotted wood in the ceiling? Did you have to replace it?

  2. Another excellent renovation on a very tight budget. I think leaving the porch with just painted surfaces lets the new owners put their spin on the decor.

  3. Didn’t you ask for suggestions about the sunroom once upon a time? Well you did a fabulous job and are an inspiration. Are you Navy??? You know, if it doesn’t move Paint it, if it moves salute it. LOL

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