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Flip 4 Friday Feature: Master Bathroom

FTC Disclaimer: **I received the product(s) mentioned in this post for free from D. Lawless Hardware. These are not affiliate links, and I will not receive compensation if you purchase from them.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been giving you the grand tour of Flip 4, and I’ve enjoyed giving the tour from the finished side of this project. It’s much easier to sit on the finished side and say how great it was…but don’t let the pretty pictures fool you, a lot of blood, sweat, and curse words went into each room you see.

The room that caused the most curse words and moments of frustrations was the master bathroom. In the end, it turned out beautifully. Knee deep in the remodel, however, it sucked.


Similar to the hall bathroom, this was an unfinished, filthy, and severely neglected bathroom. It was aged with no updates and a lot of deferred maintenance.


Not only was the bathroom ugly, it needed a lot of work. The olive green tub was broken with a hole in the bottom of the tub. Normally, I’d keep the tub and just paint it, but I knew from Day 1 it had to be gutted due to the hole. The flooring was uneven and the subfloor wasn’t the same. I had a big gut job! Contractor #1 was fired after week 1 and then contractor #2 showed up and it just went down hill from there…fast.


Before either contractor touched this room, I started with my own demo. I removed the old-school medicine cabinets, removed the ugly wallpaper and the cabinetry hardware.


Contractor #2 ripped out the tub. And that’s about all he did right. I knew the design I wanted– clean and something Joanna Gaines might like!


Like the hall bathroom, I opted to keep the cabinets. I’m always a fan of keeping what I can. It not only reduces costs, it keeps the integrity of the house. I did remove those ugly countertops though!


And if you followed through the progress, then you know things didn’t go well. The first tub that was installed got damaged, so we had it ripped out. So we had to put in another tub. And then that beautiful beveled subway tile? Yeah, it was installed improperly…directly on to the sheetrock without any water proofing barrier. So that had to be gutted too. I wasn’t lying when I said this room was a headache.


And let me tell you, there’s nothing like seeing thousands of dollars gutted and on the pile for the dumpster. It’ll make your stomach drop, trust me.


But despite the chaos of the two contractors, we were able to get this room done. Obviously after the tub debacle, I no longer had a contractor, so I just subbed out the projects myself. And while my stomach may have dropped to rip out a brand new shower, I felt better knowing it was done right. When your name is tied to something, you want it done right. So we added water-resistant sheetrock with Durarock.


The good thing, though, is that not only was the tub not damaged and the shower installed correctly, I slightly altered the design from the first shower redo. Instead of beveled subway tiles, I chose 3×16 elongated subway tiles and a different glass mosaic accent strip. And even with all of the headaches and extreme costs, I love how this shower turned out! I got the oil rubbed bronze fixture kit on clearance at Lowe’s!


The tile was picked up at an overstock wholesale shop. I use this shop on all my flips to get great deals on flooring! It’s the same place I got the floors for the living room!


Even though I ditched the countertops, I wanted to add something a bit more modern. I chose Hi-Macs solid surface and love how it turned out. I chose simple sinks from Lowe’s.


And then it was time to paint! I used the same color I used throughout, my perfect gray! I chose Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray.


Rather than sheetrock the wall that housed the medicine cabinets, I opted to add a fun accent wall. I used barnwood shiplap, and it was the easiest thing to install and just a quick fix for the huge holes left by the medicine cabinets! I absolutely love how this turned out!


The last step in the bathroom transformation was a tiny detail that made a big impact!  Like with the hall bathroom, I partnered with D. Lawless Hardware on this project to update the existing cabinet. Since the clearance shower kit I go was oil rubbed bronze, I opted to keep that finish throughout the bathroom.


For the hardware, I chose Southampton Octagon Knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze. I love the octagon shape to add a pop of design to a standard cabinet pull. I also swapped out the hinges. A lot of people tend to ignore the hinges, but I wanted a cohesive look. I chose 3/8″ Inset Semi-Concealed Self-Closing Hinge. They were a perfect and match to the knobs and new faucets!


Despite the challenges and curse words, I think this bathroom really sold the house. With so many big pops of design and hits on trends, this bathroom is really amazing in person. What started out as an ugly, broken, filthy, and stinky bathroom transformed into a relaxing spa-like space!

MLS 10

Being able to see this vision from the first time I saw this house is what kept me going through awful contractors, setbacks, and delays. Even though this room gave me a run for my money, it turned out way better than I had planned!



19 thoughts on “Flip 4 Friday Feature: Master Bathroom

  1. I’m not sure I could have gotten through it with all the setbacks you had! Such a handsome finished product. Where did you find the Hi-Macs counter material?

  2. Did you use the same gray in the cabinets that’s on the walls? Looking for a grey that doesn’t take over the room, and I’m liking this one!

  3. so many things to love about this room.. the ship lap wall, the choice of tiles. the vanity is gorgeous.. you did a super nice job! Congrats.. one quick question…does nothing about these flips scare you ??

    1. Ella, yes it does! This one especially was scary. The financial side, the job side…it was very scary! There are days where I have to talk myself down off the ledge!

  4. A classy, clean and updated bathroom is priceless. It was indeed a huge challenge but you stayed the course and won ! You learned a LOT doing this flip, but the end result was really nice. Hats off to you for a job well done!

    1. No more medicine cabinets! For the modern buyer, those are antiquated that add no resell value, so I added shiplap which statistically adds value. They can keep the medicine in a cabinet.

      1. So much appreciate your assessment re: the resale value of a medicine cabinet! Will definitely instruct the contractor on my upcoming “combine 2 side-by-side bathrooms into 1” project to NOT build or install such a feature. Thank you for your seasoned guidance!!

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