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Flip 3 Update

I’ve hinted in my last few posts that I was prepping to sell Flip 3. If you recall, I hadn’t planned to sell for a while, but lots of behind the scenes things are happening that are causing me to sell sooner. I’m still within my plan where I’ve owned at least two years, so I won’t pay any capital gains!


It’s been a long two years. An exhausting two years. When I started this flip, I thought it would be difficult to let go since it was Grandma & Grandpa Mac’s. Instead, I’m actually eager and ready to move on to the next stage. Living in a flip while also doing another flip will wear a person out. And it has.


In two years, I’ve updated the exterior by painting the brick, gave new life to the non-working gas lamp, cleaned the siding, refinished the hardwood floors, created an open concept, changed the kitchen layout, added new countertops to the kitchen and bathroom, painted the cabinets, transformed the laundry room into a separate room, painting the master bedroom, tiled the bathroom floor myself, staged the living roomswitched out dated fixtures, swapped out a door for a barn door, put in new windows, staged the guest bedroom, staged the master bedroom, added a unique kitchen island, and painted the front door. A lot has happened in two years!


I’m going to be real honest…I’m tired. Like real tired. Sustaining this life for the last 6.5 years takes its toll. Does it mean that I’m done? No! Like I’ve said before, this is the best method I’ve found for paying off student loans. Since that goal is basically done, I want to continue with house flipping to invest for future projects and plan for retirement. That being said, though, this year, and especially Flip 4, has left me beyond exhausted. So when Flip 3 sells (hopefully quickly!), I think I’m going to take the rest of the year off. Travel to the beach, work real estate and just take a refresher timeout. I don’t want to burnout, and I feel like I’m on the edge of burning out.


Flip 3 is not on the market yet, but I’m shooting for the next 1-2 weeks. Which means that before I can take the well deserved mental vacation, I have some big projects to knock out in the next two weeks. I have not even started the sunroom- which is a DISASTER. My painter is coming this week to paint all the trim & ceilings (One thing I won’t paint: ceilings and trim). I’ve got a lot of packing up to do, paint the doors, and prep for listing. Even though I just finished Flip 4, there is no rest for the weary!

DSC00570-Edit-2 copy

So over the next few weeks I’ll be chronicling some last minute projects before I head out of town for Haven Conference. My plate is full. I’m ready for a rest, but back to the grind before then! So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Flip 3 Update

  1. Well, there’s 2 kinds of exhaustion: physical and emotional . . . and this last year has wreaked havoc both physically as well as emotionally, so break time is well deserved. You’ll be refreshed and gain knowledge and perspective for the next phase of your ‘flipping’ life (pun on words intended). Have a good time finishing up Flip 3 and fingers crossed for a quick turnaround sale. Enjoy your break !

  2. That last flip of yours was an unholy monster! But you prevailed and completed it and made it beautiful. No wonder you are tired!

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