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Flip 4 Friday Feature: Master Suite

We have come A LONG way with the master suite at Flip 4. What started out as an exploded piece of bubble gum transformed into a space I love!


What this room did have going for it was its size? It’s a huge room! Who doesn’t love a spacious master bedroom big enough for a king size bed and then some?!


But what this room didn’t have going for it was everything else. Every THING else…from ceiling to floor. That salmon color was so, so overwhelming…and ugly…and who puts that in a master bedroom??


The first thing I did was scrape those awful (glitter) popcorn ceilings. I can’t tell you how much I hate scraping popcorn, but it always make such a big improvement to the space! [Note: After you wet-scrape the popcorn, let it dry and it’ll sweet right up!] Then it was time to rip up the awful carpet.


One long day later, all of the popcorn was off the ceilings, and I had smooth ceilings again!


After the awful popcorn and hideous salmon pink was gone, it was time to slap some paint on the walls. Of course, I didn’t do the painting…I hired it out. I HATE to paint. I wanted a much calmer color than the awful salmon, so I chose Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray which I used throughout the home.20170515_204131

After the walls were painted, I chose greige carpet. I actually like carpet- even in living areas. I know most people aren’t carpet fans, but I think it’s still acceptable to put in a bedroom.

The next item on the list was to change out the door to the master suite. It was a plain hollow interior door, and I even painted it white…and hated it. I knew my plan B was to add a barn door since it adds value to a home, and I even priced the barn door kits at Lowe’s that come with a door. But $400…seriously?


I did get the barn door hardware kit at Lowe’s and while I was there, I perused the clearance section. I found a beat up solid interior for $30! Well, actually it was $50, but I told them that price was stupid (ha!), so they knocked off $20! Using some leftover paint from Flip 3’s exterior, I gave the door a makeover!


Another thing I thought was stupid was the price of barn door handles. The handles do not come with the barn door hardware kit. They sell the handles separately for $25 which I wasn’t about to pay. So I scoured the hardware aisle and found fence handles for $5! It was actually the perfect proportional size for the barn door and not a bad price!

MLS 14

Switching out the hollow interior door cost me around $200…worth every penny!


Speaking of doors, the exterior door leading to the screened porch was salmon…and solid…and ugly. I knew it had to go, and I wanted something that let in lots of natural light. Exterior doors can be expensive, but I actually found an affordable glass exterior door at Home Depot that was a perfect fit! I got the brand new handleset for the door at an auction for $40.

MLS 13

Ditching all the salmon was the best part of this transformation! Choosing a neutral gray palette softened the room. The bones stayed the same- they just got prettier in this room!

As always I’m a fan of keeping what’s there when I can, but I can’t always keep everything. Sometimes ditching aspects is the best choice.

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5 thoughts on “Flip 4 Friday Feature: Master Suite

  1. Wickham Gray I love your choice of color!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love what you did to score the door, it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and I was laughing when I saw you said you ended up buying the fence door handle for $5 bc I would have done the same 🙂

  2. Totally agree with ditching the salmon paint and popcorn/glitter ceilings – UGH! Love keeping the windows and adding the one full glass door to let in even more natural light. The do-over is a really nice, calming look for this room.

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