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Flip 4: The Dining Room Details

The dining room in Flip 4 is a large spacious room, but, yet I didn’t really have to do a lot in there…luckily. It’s one of the few rooms where I just slapped some lipstick on it, and it transformed into a great space!


In its original state, it had some beautiful crown moulding, oversized trim, and popcorn already removed from the ceiling. But it still didn’t appeal to my design taste. See how it was just bathed in beige?


But, to me, the best part of the room is that oversized diamond window! It let in so much light and added character to the space (and exterior)!


The original sheet linoleum was ripped and scarred and not salvageable. There was no lighting at all in the room, but I did salvage that fan by moving it into a bedroom.


With just some cosmetic updates, the room quickly transformed!

Dining room.jpg

Using the same paint color as the kitchen, I created a cohesive look since the kitchen and dining room segway into each other. I scored the flooring for almost nothing at a warehouse closeout. And that window is the showstopper of that room, so I didn’t want to take away from it. I actually wanted to play-off the window with the light fixture, so I purposefully chose a light fixture that mimicked the diamond pattern of the window!

When I found the Quoizel Liberty Park Pendant, I knew it was perfect for the space! I mean those diamonds are just the cherry on top in this space!


The pictures are a little deceiving; the dining room space is pretty large! Large enough for an entire family to gather at the holidays. I didn’t feel like I really needed to overstage the space. In fact, I got pretty lucky with the staging. My next door neighbors were recently evicted and couldn’t take most of their items with them, so they put this beautiful wooden trestle table at the curb. I got it for free! And when you see how much trestle tables sell for now days, I got lucky!

Like I said earlier, the work done in this room was minimal. We were able to keep the original trim & crown moulding. With fresh paint, new lighting, and new floors, the space really transformed into a new inviting room!


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