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Updating Plexiglass Cabinet Fronts

*This post contains sponsored materials and links. Thank you for investing in the companies & products that support this blog. All opinions & photos are mine and mine alone.*

The kitchen at Flip 4 needed several updates. One of the many items that were on the laundry list of items to address were the cabinet fronts.


See those upper cabinets in the corner? They had Harvest Gold (broken) plexiglass for inserts. Sure, in it’s prime, those would have really added to the charm of the kitchen. Today? They were just one of 10 million things showing neglect and age.


I started by removing the plexiglass. I kept the one in the best shape to use as a template. Since the cabinet opening had an arched design, I wanted to be able to perfectly mimic it.


In the meantime of course, the cabinets got a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint was done and doors reattached, it was time to finish up my DIY project.


I centered my design around my new hardware…that I am so obsessed with! I was lucky to partner with D. Lawless Hardware to find the most perfect hardware (I’ll be doing a more in-depth post about the hardware in the future!). The Sedona bronze (affiliate link), though, was just the perfect accent for the kitchen. So when I was contemplating solutions for the cabinet face, I wanted it to match the hardware.

And that’s where the Lowe’s hardware section came in.


I actually went to Lowe’s with the intention of finding a more modern alternative plexiglass option. I was quickly informed they quit selling it years ago because nobody buys it anymore. The kind Lowe’s lady gave me the grand tour of every possible item they did sell that could work. And when she brought me to the sheet metal aisle, the heavens parted!

Aged brass sheet metal with modern geometric design? I was sold.

Even though each sheet was freaking $30. Is it just me or does that seem so stupid?

At any rate, I loved the design and they matched my D. Lawless Hardware knobs (affiliate link) perfectly!


Using the original plexiglass as a template, I drew out the shape on the back of the sheet metal. Then using my tin snips, I carefully cut out the shape. I had to go back and trim up around the edges. Once they were cut, they easily slid into place. I applied a thin bead of clear silicone to keep them in place.

This little DIY project cost me around $100 since I had to purchase three sheets.


Along with all the other changes that happened in Flip 4, this little project really added some unexpected charm. It was a really easy solution and upgrade!

*This post contains sponsored materials and links. Thank you for investing in the companies & products that support this blog. All opinions & photos are mine and mine alone.*


4 thoughts on “Updating Plexiglass Cabinet Fronts

  1. The sheet metal is a great product. I use it for radiator covers. It also come in a silver look. Takes paint very well. Good luck with your flipping. What part of the country are in in?

  2. Actually, this was one of my favorite upgrades in this flip – the cabinet are now both stylish and ‘hip’ !

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