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Flip 4: The Kitchen Details

FTC Disclaimer: **I received the product(s) mentioned in this post for free from D. Lawless Hardware. These are not affiliate links, and I will not receive compensation if you purchase from them.

What I like to look for in a house is gross, dirty, ugly finishes.

I know…who says that? Right?

But give me gross, dirty, and ugly finishes, and I’ll show you a good deal! That’s exactly what I bought in Flip 4. Everything about it was dirty.


There wasn’t much about the kitchen that was inviting. It smelled horrible, it had no flooring, had a leaking faucet, DIY damaged countertops, faux tin patchwork ceiling, filthy retro fan, non-working appliances, and dirt everywhere.


The gut job started immediately. Everything about the kitchen was dark. It needed updating, cleaning, and refining. By removing the DIY countertops and non-working appliances, I had already made an improvement!

20170331_143714 (1)

One of the biggest transformations was caused by paint. I LOVE a good paint job! I chose Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray for the cabinets. It took me so long to find the right shades of gray for this house, but I am so happy with the color palette I chose! I will definitely use Coventry Gray again. By keeping the original cabinets, I saved quite a bit of money, and with fresh paint, they look new again!


Underneath the faux tin panels, the ceiling was in awful shape. There was quite a bit of DIY patchwork that had to be repaired.


For the first time I used granite in a flip rather than laminate. And I think it’s stunning! I chose Dallas White granite in a 2cm thickness with straight edges. With shades of gray, darks, and even purple, this natural stone provided great pops of color.


My DIY cabinet fronts were an easy, somewhat affordable upgrade. As I’ve mentioned before, I partnered with D. Lawless Hardware on this flip. I wanted to incorporate some unique cabinet hardware accents in this house. Since I was using gray paint on the cabinets, I wanted an aged bronze for the knobs and pulls.


And let me tell you! I found the PERFECT ones. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten about the hardware. These Artesia Knobs in Sedona Bronze are so modern and clean and the perfect accent in the kitchen! The matching pulls really pulled together the cohesive look. These aren’t your typical pieces of cabinet hardware- they are heavy and high quality. The colors vary in each pull & knob which adds to their authenticity.

I’ve used D. Lawless Hardware in pretty much every flip. I’ve purchased cabinet pulls, hinges, and knobs. They have retro inspired, unique glass ones, and modern clean finishes. One of the easiest ways to upgrade dated cabinets is to update the hardware!

A few things I love about D. Lawless Hardware:

I want you to know, I don’t endorse any and every company that is willing to provide me compensation. I have to actually want to endorse them, and after using D. Lawless Hardware, I wanted to endorse them!


Another aspect of the kitchen that has received a lot of attention is the appliances. I purposefully chose a modern, clean look. I know everyone loves stainless steel, but the slate finish is arriving with a bang. I chose GE’s Slate series for this kitchen. Besides the color (which I thought paired nicely with this kitchen), the benefit of the slate series is that they’re smudge proof– unlike the stainless steel! One of my chief complaints with stainless steel is that fingerprints easily show, but with a more matte finish, the slate prevents that. This portion of the post isn’t sponsored- I chose GE Slate on my own, and I was satisfied. The motor on the vent hood, however, arrived defective but GE took care of the defect by replacing it.


For the backsplash, I chose affordable glass mosaic sheets from Lowe’s. For $6 a sheet, I loved the colors in this tile so much. It really complimented the granite and cabinets. The Anatolia Warm Winter tile is a beautiful mix of glass tile and stone.


I scour everywhere…and I do mean everywhere (even the curbside!) for things to use in flips and remodels. And sometimes I feel like I hit the jackpot! Like with this swoon-worthy stainless steel single bowl extra deep sink. I scored this sink at an auction for $75…and it was new! I snatched the pull-down faucet at Lowe’s on sale. For less than $200, I had a new (awesome) kitchen sink & faucet! Not bad!


From floor to ceiling, it’s hard to believe it’s the same kitchen! So much changed…for the better. The kitchen actually looks inviting and clean! I wasn’t sure about the gray on gray–would it be too much? Would people like it? But, let me tell you, it’s been a hit! In case you’re wondering, I used my perfect gray (Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray) on the walls.


That dungeon kitchen is no more! Part of the reason natural light wasn’t flooding the room before was because dirt was literally caked to the outside of the window. Just cleaning the planter window allowed a lot more light into the space! I also think painting the cabinets a lighter color contributed to brightening the space.


Honestly, I didn’t do a lot of staging. I think the showstopper in this house is the kitchen and it didn’t need a lot of fluffing to sell it. I always use lemons for decorations in kitchens though, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know what the framed list is all about!


So much time went into this kitchen…and money too. But when you see the transformation beside the original it’s amazing. I tend to forget the before and even the progress in the day-to-day, but it’s so satisfying to see the changes! From minor things, like painting the walls, to major things, like updating electrical or repairing and replacing the floors, every single square inch received some TLC.

There are some rooms you can cut corners on. There are some areas it’s okay to skim a little. But the kitchen? No, you pull out all the stops on the kitchen. Does that mean you spend ridiculously? No! In Flip 1, I paid $20 for a kitchen sink at a thrift store…and by Flip 4, I’m still saving money on kitchen sinks! But sometimes the money you save on kitchen sinks, you spend to upgrade to granite or nice appliances. Knowing the market, knowing the neighborhood, and certainly knowing how to save a buck (or several), is essential. Just make sure your kitchen doesn’t look like it cost a buck!

And for the record, I spent a lot of bucks on this kitchen…but I saved some too! So it all comes out in the wash!


10 thoughts on “Flip 4: The Kitchen Details

  1. I love the kitchen, but I have to say the before kitchen is 100 times better than my kitchen. I’m afraid to see what is behind all the cabinets and floor. I applaud and am impressed that you can to do that! I have no idea where to start! It is beautiful!

  2. I love the remake!! Just a question, was there a reason you did not take the backsplash all the way to the ceiling?

  3. Love the counters against the backsplash! It all looks so light and airy. And I love the appliances. I didn’t even know that finish existed. Our kitchen cabinets are similar to the ones you started with and I keep thinking about painting. I might be leaning towards a gray now.

  4. i like that you kept the original footprint of the kitchen…. and while i am not fond of grey, you found a warm tone that is lovely… two things i might have done different: an undermount sink and removing the overhead cabinets on the peninsula area….pass throughs are a pet peeve of mine. love the kitchen window, tho and will look into that slate finish on my next appliances.

    1. I thought of removing the the overhead cabinets too late for my guys to get it done unfortunately. As for the sink, I always choose whatever is cheapest and this modern undermount offers such a similar style to the undermount it didn’t make sense to spend more!

  5. I don’t like gray. I have fought and won against using gray paint. But I am in love with the gray in this kitchen and other places in this flip. The gray seems warmed by the light, not cloudy, moody or depressing. I just might be falling just a little tiny bit in love with gray. Coventry Gray, Wickham Gray, slate. Okay. I’m convinced! Best wishes 😇

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