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Flip 4: The Grand Final Reveal

What a long 9 weeks it was (to get caught up, check here). What was supposed to be a fast and furious 6 week project turned into a nightmarish 9 weeks. Every possible hurdle, surprise, and plain ol’ stupid luck plagued me every step of the way on this house

But it is finished!

I’ll be doing a more detailed post about the process and numbers, but I wanted to give a grand reveal of the entire beast of a house. Since I’ve been asked several questions about projects, sources for items, colors, etc., I’ll be doing a room-by-room series of post to show the before and after and answer many of those questions.

I’m proud of the finished product. I loved the finishes in this house, as well as the color scheme. And I truly hope a family falls in love with it!

MLS 2.jpg

Even in its original barn red color, I’ve always thought this house had curb appeal. But with the updated painted exterior, those adorable diamond windows, and freshened landscape & planter boxes, I think this little gem just shines!


But I think the real show stopper in this house is the kitchen. It went through a major transformation, and I fell in love with this neutral gray kitchen. The finishes are beautiful!


The kitchen is really a chef’s dream now. With so much storage and natural light, who wouldn’t want this beautiful kitchen? And I’m always personally a fan of open concept layouts where someone can cook in the kitchen and still be a part of the action happening in the living area– which this kitchen offers.

MLS 5.jpg

The living room in this house is the largest I’ve ever seen in a house. This photo is only half of the living room. Can you imagine the parties and family gatherings you could have in this house? The original eyesore of this room was the fireplace and now I would love to cozy up to it on a cold winter night!


This is the other half of the living room. The show stopper in this room is the windows. Besides the tons of natural light they let in, those charming diamond accents are what sold me on this house. But also…look at all that room! I mean seriously!

MLS 7.jpg

The new floors, paint, LED lights, and oversized trim really modernized this space. I think of all the photos this one is my favorite. If you follow me on Instagram you saw this sneak peek earlier this week. I can imagine curling up with a book or morning coffee in this area!

MLS 9.jpg

Not to be outdone, the dining room puts on a good show too. It also has one of those oversized diamond windows. I imagine many Christmas meals with family around in this room! And that matching diamond light fixture is really the cherry on top in this room!

MLS 8.jpg

One of the rooms that really made a major transformation is the master bath. It was broken, ugly, DIRTY, and non-functional when I bought it. Now, I hope it’s something Fixer Upper lovers could appreciate! The unexpected barnwood shiplap is really a great statement accent in this space.

MLS 10.jpg

The story of the master bathroom shower was the pinnacle of the nightmare in this house, but, alas, the final product was stunning! Those elongated subway tiles are such a modern twist on the classic staple. And I chose a glass mosaic accent that complimented the floor tile.

MLS 14.jpg

And to add a little pop of unexpected design, I incorporated a barn door into the master bathroom. I love how something as small as changing up the style of a door can really make a design impact!

MLS 13.jpg

And the former salmon master bedroom became a tranquil space with a little TLC! And the best move I made in this room? Ditching that retro door for a glass panel exterior one!

MLS 12.jpg

One of the things I hope that will become a selling factor for this house is the oversized bedrooms. Large enough for an oversized bed or dual twin beds, the guest rooms have plenty of room.

MLS 11.jpg

With gray being the new IT neutral, I love how you can pair different shades of it and even incorporate greige to create such a neutral, calming space. The bedrooms didn’t have a lot of work done to them, but I love the finished rooms!

MLS 18

A lot of natural light, new lighting, updated paint, and durable floors make this the space that everyone falls in love with! I’m so glad this enormous, updated space is the first thing a buyer sees when they walk through the door!

MLS 24

The hall bathroom might just be my favorite space in this house. The fun print tile, the freshened original cabinetry, the new countertop and mirror, and the paint really make this space so fun!

MLS 15

And that massive screened porch would be my permanent hang out spot if I lived here! On hot summer nights, sitting back, sipping tea under the fans is the perfect way to unwind! I tried to make this space as cozy and inviting as possible…an extension of the living area.

MLS 16.jpg

I wasn’t kidding…the screened porch is enormous! From the front of the house, I think the size is deceptive. It’s much larger than it looks! Practically everything in this picture was updated: painted exterior, painted garage, stained stairs, new screens, painted porch, new landscape pebbles, and newly paved driveway.

MLS 19.jpg

And what isn’t visible in this picture is how enormous the garage is. It could easily fit 4 compact cars or two average size with plenty of room for a workshop space. And that walk out basement area would make an ideal hot tub spot!

MLS 17.jpg

Even the back of the house has some curb appeal! This large corner lot is hopefully a selling point!

MLS 20

Even though the basement was a huge thorn in my side, given my limited budget, I think it turned out great. Basically, it was doused in paint! The ceiling was dryfalled, I used leftover paint from Flip 3 for the walls, and I got some clearance porch paint for the floors.

MLS 21.jpg

I imagine this space would make a great game room or perfect for College Game Day. Like I mentioned in the Weeks 8 & 9 update, the dryfall was a risky move, but was really the only option I had. But it’s also easy to cover up if the buyer wants to go ahead and sheetrock the ceiling. Same for the floors, if they prefer a carpeted basement, they can easily cover the painted floors.

MLS 22.jpg

I mentioned in the Weeks 8 & 9 update that I gave Uncle Nuny some scrap lumber and he magically created a wet bar. I used leftover cabinet paint from the kitchen to give it a cohesive look. I also snagged that brand new wine fridge at an auction for $75!

MLS 23.jpg

The laundry/half bath wasn’t even fully functional when I bought the house. There was no toilet or sink, but I knew I wanted to add those to add value to the space. Since this room is directly off the basement, I maintained the same flooring. I added a brand new toilet and a clearance find vanity and mirror.

MLS 25.jpg

The pantry was originally a super cramped space that added absolutely no value. I removed the DIY makeshift shelves and brought the shelf from the guest bedroom wall down to the pantry for shelving. This space would also make a great mud room.

MLS 27.jpg

In 9 long weeks, this beast received a much needed transformation. The house had not only numerous deferred maintenance items, but flat out neglected items. It took a lot of time and money to bring this house to safe and modern standards.

And let me tell you, I’m so glad it’s done.

Now bring me a contract!


14 thoughts on “Flip 4: The Grand Final Reveal

  1. Jenn!! Oh my goodness it’s beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I love this house. It’s hard to pick a favorite space! I love the master bath! And that kitchen! And I, too, would be planted in that porch with my iced tea!
    Love love love it!

  2. I so wished I was moving back to Arkansas!!! Beautiful!!! Was the stress worth it? Are you ready for another fast flip? Let me know after you get that contract! 😉

  3. The house turned out beautiful!! I hope you get a contract on it soon; or better yet, hope it shows so well that you get multiple contracts and that drives the price UP!! 🙂

  4. Amazing vision, outstanding results! Especially after I took a second look at the before pictures. I always wonder what the previous owners would think of your transformations. Love reading about your process.

  5. I thought I knew what this house would look like by following each week’s post, but I didn’t really have a clue. This place is BIG and BEAUTIFUL. I hope you get a really good contract very soon. Best wishes 😇

  6. WOW! What a warm and welcoming home now ready to be adopted by a few family! Your hard work will soon pay big dividends.

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