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Flip 4: Weeks 8 & 9 Update

I know, you thought I’d fallen off the face of the planet.

I kind of felt like I did. I have been consumed with finishing up Flip 4. The last two weeks have been 14-16 hour days…every.single.day.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you’ve been able to catch some snapshots of what’s been happening, but I just have not had the time to sit down and process everything in a blog post. So I’m cramming in two weeks worth of updates into this post.

Week 7 really had a lot of visual updates, but we were still a long ways from the finish line.


Since Week 7 my beloved painter showed up and got to work on the exterior. If you recall, the house was originally barn red. I wanted to soften the exterior, so I chose Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. I’ve said it a million times, but paint is always my favorite part because it brings such dramatic changes! Softening the exterior of the home really contributed to the curb appeal!


While my painter was busy improving the exterior, I got a little crafty inside. I kept the original cabinets and my painter had given them a face lift with paint. However, the Harvest Gold plexiglass inserts just weren’t going to work, so I updated them with sheet metal! I’ll be doing a tutorial post about that in the near future.


One of the thorns in my side at this property was the basement, primarily the ceiling. For a variety of reasons, I wasn’t going to be able to sheetrock the ceiling. So that left me scrambling at the 11th hour to find an alternative. My painter actually came up with an extremely, extremely affordable solution! For $300, we opted to Dryfall the ceiling. Dryfall is a matte black paint typically used in bars, gyms, and other commercial buildings, but it’s also used in residential homes as well. It really creates an industrial look in the space. So, to prep for the dryfall, I pulled al the insulation, removed all the 10 million staples (by hand) and cleaned up the wires.


I was so nervous about the end result because it’s not a standard finish…it seemed risky to me. In the end, I loved the result; however, it wasn’t perfect. It started peeling from the wrapped ducts almost immediately, so my painter had to prep the ducts with primer and Kilz and do another coat. I still would prefer sheetrock to soften the space and it’s more “normal,” but the budget and other reasons just didn’t allow for it.


When my painter was here earlier in the process, he wasn’t able to touch the master bathroom because of all the shower chaos in there. Since that chaos was done, he was able to get in there and texture the walls and paint. Prior to painting, I had finished the barnwood shiplap, so all that was left to finish the space was paint and the sink/faucets.

IMG_20170511_151923_434 1

After I did my $15 brass fireplace update and failed at the DIY whitewash on the rocks, my painter saved the day by giving the entire fireplace a coat of paint (same color as the kitchen cabinets). Once he was done, I gave the original mantle a face lift with some leftover paint from the Flip 3 exterior makeover. This fireplace looks totally different from the day I bought the house. It was dirty and dated, and it looks so modern and clean now!


I love pretty finishes…even if it seems to take forever to get to them! Weeks 8 & 9 brought the final touches to the kitchen. The glass mosaic backsplash was installed and paired perfectly with the new granite counters. I also got the GE Slate series appliances installed. The vent hood actually arrived from Amazon with a defective motor, but GE customer service has been great and they’re replacing it for free!


I have a life mantra: I can do hard things. Some days those hard things looks different. During weeks 8 & 9, one of those hard things was tackling a rotted front porch landing. I had virtually no experience and definitely no clue what I was doing, but I knew the rotted landing needed repaired. So after grabbing some cedar wood, I tackled the project myself. Prior to starting Flip 4, I partnered with Ryobi (ad). Sometimes just guessing your way through something ends in success. In this case, it did. Using my Ryobi brad nailer, I was able to install a new cedar landing on the porch. I have used my Ryobi brad nailer on countless projects in this house! How did I live without it before?


Since getting the hall bathroom tiled, during weeks 8 & 9 the original cabinet got a face lift with paint. I love when I can keep what is original & paint is always a big helper with that! The Coventry Gray paint will enhanced the cabinets, and I opted to have the trim accented in white. I think this is my favorite room in this house!


Like I mentioned earlier, the thorn in my side has been the darn basement in this house. One of the areas that I was struggling with was the wet bar. I knew it would add value to the home, but I was out of time and out of money. Luckily, Uncle Nuny saved the day…again. I gave him a pile of scrap lumber and asked him to build me a wet bar cabinet. And, as usual, he delivered! Once that was finished, I got to work priming and painting it. I had snagged a brand new wine fridge at an auction, so the wet bar started to come together!


I also wanted to add a little character to the wet bar area, so I used some leftover flooring from upstairs to create an accent wall. The vinyl plank easily attached to the wall and created a fun accent in the bar area. I’m inspired to use this method in other houses now!


One of the most visible changes that happened during these two weeks was that the carpet was installed! I obviously didn’t do carpet throughout, but I chose carpet in the bedrooms and hallways. I think carpet in the living areas is phasing out, but I think it’s still acceptable to have carpet in bedrooms. I love how it softened the rooms and matched the colors so well!


In the final stages is when I typically start to give attention to curb appeal. Obviously the exterior painting really helped with that but I also wanted to address the railings and landscaping. Even though I didn’t want to keep the original iron railings, the budget dictated that I had to. They were rusty, broken, and ugly. I had a welder attach them back in place and I used the same paint I used when updating the brass fireplace to freshen up the rusty railings. For hardly any money, the old railings look new again! While I was at it, I really wanted to bring as much attention to those adorable windows as I could, so I picked up some planter boxes from Home Depot. I’ve always had a thing for planter boxes- they had such charming curb appeal!


At the last minute I decided I wanted to add a little character to the master bedroom. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of barn doors. They are currently a big trend that help you sell your house for more money, so I want to capitalize on that (again)! But since I can’t find a decent contractor to save my life, I begged my electrician to hang it for me. This electrician was new to this project, and let me tell you, he was manna from heaven. The house had to be completely updated electrically and he had his work cut out for me. But he showed up and he worked and he worked and he worked…and he hung a barn door for me. I was originally planning to purchase the barn door kit at Lowe’s but the $400 price tag seemed so stupid to me, so I eventually snagged a $30 clearance door at Lowe’s and purchased the barn door hardware. For less than $200, I had a barn door!

This last two weeks were insane. Since I don’t have a contractor, I was up there all the time trying to knock out as many projects as I could. It took so much freaking time. I was barely sleeping, either eating fast food (which I hate) or not eating, and I was stressed. These are the weeks where I question what the heck I’m doing!

But the good news?


Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Flip 4: Weeks 8 & 9 Update

  1. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your construction photos because you are detail specific and don’t mind sharing the good, the bad and yep – the downright ugly. You don’t try to gloss over the inevitable construction ‘oops’ and frustrations that shadow and impeded your progress. Your flexibility and creativity in finding solutions for those unexpected dilemmas is inspiring. I am eagerly waiting for the staging photos. You have done an outstanding job on this project. You ROCK !

  2. I am so excited that Flip #4 is finished! And that you have invited us to peek at every step. I’m sure that soon you will have a complete tour to see. I have learned so much.
    We tore out our brass-trimmed fireplace in order to open up the kitchen and den. But we have that same trim all over the master bathroom, and we’re not ready to change to no trim. I am going to use your method to paint that trim, which ought to last until we get ready to downsize.
    Thank you so much, and best wishes.

  3. So happy for you that its finally done!! Can’t wait to see how it looks since its all come together and when you get it listed!! 🙂

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