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How To Update a Brass Fireplace For $15

Wayyyy back when I did a post about updating brass fireplaces. It wasn’t really a tutorial. I didn’t really have any pictures. Instead, I basically just linked to a blog that gave me the idea to paint the brass fireplace at Flip 1. Since then, I’ve had people ask for a tutorial, and it’s seriously the easiest thing ever!


Well, Flip 4 had an ugly brass fireplace. One of the contractor helpers told me I should “gut that and put in a new one.” My response? “Rookie.”


I’ll give it to him that it was ugly…and rusty. But ditch it? He clearly didn’t know me! For $15, I kept the brass fireplace and updated it!


Using Rust-oleum’s High Heat paint, you can update a brass fireplace in about 30 minutes. The can costs about $15 and you hardly use any of it! I still had a can leftover from Flip 1, but, unfortunately, it had gone bad, so I had to purchase another one. They also have the high heat paint in a spray, but I wouldn’t recommend spraying unless you tape off a big area for overspray. You can’t use just any paint since the fireplace gets really hot. Using a paint designed for high temperatures makes it safer and last longer!


Using a craft sponge brush, I gently dabbed the paint on the fireplace. Don’t paint it on in strokes. Using just a little paint, dab it quickly and watch out for any drips. When you dab it, you’ll see bubbles form in the paint. That’s okay- the paint will dry without bubbles. I’ve learned not to use a paint brush with bristles– you can see the lines and makes it more difficult to dab.


I did 2 coats, and I have a few touch up areas left. But the fireplace doesn’t look so ancient now! It’s such an easy DIY project!

And I should call that rookie back to show him why I wasn’t gutting the fireplace!


3 thoughts on “How To Update a Brass Fireplace For $15

  1. Good job – now that entire wall looks more up to date
    Thanks for the advice about using a sponge brush – would not have known not to use a bristle brush.

  2. I would not even imagine that the fireplace had been brass. The black high heat trim is certainly modern, and would complement a whole makeover. Thanks.

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