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A Cheap & Easy DIY Fix for Brass Door Handles

In my Flip 4 Week 7 update I showed how I had updated the brass door handles. It’s one of those details that really shows a dated design, but it also shows a lack of care for the details. So while some flippers would leave them as is, I wanted to take care of this little detail.

One little problem. I had no money left. I am way over budget on this house.


Since I actually liked the clean design of the current brass handles, I didn’t see any reason to ditch them. I only wanted to ditch the color. Since there are so many doors in this house, to replace them all would run around $300.

I chose a $3 fix instead.


I picked up a can of Valspar’s flat black spray paint. I didn’t want a glossy finish. This can actually goes a long way!


I left the locking mechanisms in place in the door and just removed the handles and side plate. Using the spray paint, I gave them about two coats and then let them fully dry. Once I was satisfied that they were dry to the touch, I just screwed them back into the door.


When budget is a factor but you want to minimize dated design, it’s amazing what a can of spray paint can do!


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