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Flip 4 Week 7 Update

Perspective is key while flipping houses. Sometimes I lose perspective. Like the fact that I’m in week 7 and this is the week the house was supposed to be on the market. I should have been arranging showings and deciding between offers.

But I’m not.

Instead, we are just now tackling the massive basement. I would say 95% of the upstairs is done. The basement, on the other hand, needs TONS of work in a short amount of time.


I forgot to mention in my Week 6 update that the hall bathroom got its pretty fancy tile installed! And I’ in love! Look at that pattern! This is a bold statement floor, I know, but it’s so on trend right now that I’m risking going bold. The rest of the room will be very tame in comparison!


Speaking of the hall bathroom, the vanity got a little face lift! I removed the sea shell shaped ugly marble sink, but I salvaged the faucet and will reuse it in there. If the cabinet is a standard size (usually 49″) you can pick up pre-fab, inexpensive countertops at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If it’s not standard, then you do the DIY countertop method I used in Flip 2. I chose a modern take on the cultured marble that was really affordable! The cabinet should be getting a paint face lift ASAP too! When my painter paints the cabinet, he’ll be giving the wall above the countertop some attention too.


And the hall bathroom wasn’t the only bathroom getting some love. If you remember, last week I showed y’all a glimpse of the master bathroom re-shower job. If you’re keeping count, this is the 3rd shower that’s been in this house while I’ve owned it. The tile job is exponentially better than the last tile debacle job. I’m obsessed with these 3×16 subways, and I am so glad my tile gal opted to run the tile all the way up to the ceiling. [We ran out of plumber’s putty, so the shower head didn’t get installed…yet].


The original fireplace is so, so ugly…and enormous. I’m not sure you can fathom how large it really is. It probably has over a 3′ depth and probably close to 15′ wide. If budget wasn’t an issue, I would have ripped out all those rocks. It was an awful rock job, the previous homeowner [for reasons unknown] had painted the mortar and faux rocks on the fireplace. I thought I could whitewash and it would be a quick fix. But, the mortar job is so unbelievably terrible, that the further I got with the whitewash, it looked terrible. It might pass for pictures, or even far away, but close inspection would reveal how terrible it looked. I’m going to see about having my painter save the day with a coat or ten of paint.


I also started this week by trying to take care of some of the last minute detail projects like updating the door handles. They were all brass or bronze. I’ll be doing a separate post about how I easily updated them and saved a few hundred bucks.


You may recall that when we removed the built-in medicine cabinets in the master bathroom that two large holes were left in the wall. I needed/wanted an easy DIY method of fixing that. My sheetrock guy could have done it, but I am trying to save every penny I can, and I thought I’d capitalize on a huge trend right now: Shiplap. I didn’t choose the normal Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper white shiplap. Instead, I stumbled on barnwood shiplap at Home Depot for around $8 a board. I spent less than $100 total on the barnwood. [If you’re wondering why it isn’t finished in the picture, my electrician is moving some light boxes around, so I’m waiting on him to finish that before I can finish the shiplap!]


One of my favorite projects I tackled this week was the wet bar in the basement. I’ll be doing a full post about how I created the wet bar, but I got a portion of it installed this week! I stumbled on those two special order cabinets at Lowe’s for $10 each and the countertop was another Lowe’s clearance find for less than $40. I installed them in an alcove area in the basement and got the first coat of paint done. This area isn’t finished, but I got a good start this week! Unfortunately, I’m keeping the paneling because of budget issues, but it will get a face lift with some fresh paint.


The good news is that the kitchen backsplash was installed this week! They should be grouting by this weekend. If you recognize that tile it’s because it was the accent tile in the 1st master bathroom shower. It’s affordable & neutral, and I think it paired well with the granite.

The bad news, is that 7 weeks later, we are STILL scraping ugly retro contact paper from the cabinets. What are your tips for getting it removed? We’ve tried everything!

This week was productive and even more visible progress was made. Unfortunately, we didn’t make as much progress as I would’ve liked. All that is left is the basement and exterior– which is all on my painter/sheetrocker. We have had such insane, torrential rains lately, that my painter/sheetrocker is so backed up and weather isn’t cooperating. So, again, another annoying wait. And because everyone wants to know numbers, at this point, we’re sitting around $40,000 in repairs…$10,000 over the budget. And we aren’t done spending– by a long shot.

Needless to say, I am ready for this one to get on the market and get sold…fast.


7 thoughts on “Flip 4 Week 7 Update

  1. My daughter bought an older home and the cabinets in kitchen and baths were nasty inside. She bought the cheapest peel n’ stick flooring tiles and laid it in the cabinets. Looks clean and neat and will be easy to keep that way. Much easier than trying to remove old shelf liner.

  2. What about a steam wallpaper stripper to get it off? If you score the contact paper you should penetrate the top. I used a round tool that had moveable serrated insides that score wallpaper. Just a thought….

  3. Try using a hairdryer. Sometimes a little hot air will melt the glue enough pull it right off. Now the sticky residue??? I’m not sure.

  4. Sounds like a win if you had no big problems this week, That shower tile turned out great! the back splash as well, fingers crossed you will be ready to hit the market in the best time of the year to sell!

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