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Flip 4 Week 6 Update

Well, we have completed week 6 of a 6 week flip. I should be staging, photographing and listing the property in the next few days. I’ll be lucky if that’s done in the next few weeks. So many obstacles have stood in my way on this flip, and I’ve just had to roll with the punches– and there have been a lot of them.


For this flip, I am partnering with D. Lawless Hardware. I’ve used them at multiple houses, and you just can’t beat their prices & quality. Once I received my cabinet pulls this week, I installed the Sedona Bronze 3″ Double Layer Pull. I also chose the matching knobs for the upper cabinets. They accent the Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray cabinets so well! These are not your typical, dime-a-dozen cabinet pulls…instead, I love the character they add to the kitchen space. I seriously love these pulls….and they’re crazy affordable.


One of the most exciting things that happened this week was that most of the flooring was installed upstairs! All we have left to install upstairs is carpet but won’t do that until closer to listing. Everyone has asked about these floors, and I’ve met so many people that haven’t heard about them. I chose vinyl plank flooring- we use this in our rentals because it’s insanely durable and affordable. When I tell people I’m using vinyl plank, they almost always reply with “Oh you mean laminate?” No, I don’t. Unlike laminate, vinyl plank isn’t hard or snap together. It’s actually “flimsy” meaning you can bend it. It does not come preglued or any adhesive. I purchased several gallons of floor glue.


There is a flooring closeout warehouse about an hour from me, and I’ve purchased flooring there for every flip. That’s where I stumbled on enough flooring for this flip. I actually ended up with 500+ sq ft of this flooring to use at another property in the future. The flooring is Granite Falls’s Prairie Sand vinyl planks. It has an almost gray-washed appearance that matches the cabinets so well! I spent less than $2500 on the flooring that covered a lot of square footage and have enough leftover for another property.


This is the stage of the game where I start looking for some finishes. One of the things I always struggle with finding is bathroom mirrors. Every single flip- without exception- I spend days driving around town to every possible store that carries mirrors. I usually end up spending way more than I should and settle for something I don’t love. After spending the afternoon driving around from store to store, my last stop was JC Penney’s…not expecting to find anything. And I didn’t. I walked through the entire home department and they didn’t carry a single mirror. But as I was walking out I noticed two boxes in a corner–hardly visible– stacked up. I walked over and low and behold, there were two matching mirrors in the exact style I was looking for! And the good news? The price said $44…a steal compared to the others I had seen earlier in the day. Then I get to the register, and they rang up at $17 each! I was so giddy! These will hang over  my newly installed sinks in the master bathroom.


One of the curses and the blessings of the large living room is that it has easy access to the screened porch through a patio door. The curse is that the patio door wasn’t functional, and for some reason I’ll never understand, the length of the porch didn’t extend to beyond the glass doors. The length of the porch stopped right in the middle of the two glass panels. So if you were inside and looking outside, there is a large drop-off on the right side panel. So, the right side panel had to be non-functional and the door should slide to the right. Since this door was on the 2nd floor with a huge drop-off, several companies didn’t want to install the door for safety reasons, but I finally found some people to install it! They started by gutting the original non-functional door which left a huge hole in the wall until the new one got installed!


The door gave them all kinds of fits when installing it– like when they took it out of the package and it was cracked. So they had to pack it back up and exchange it for me. But once they had a non-cracked door, then they could install it. If you’re thinking, wait isn’t that door upside down? Well, yes…and no. Lowe’s only sells left-slide doors in stock (at least at all of the Lowe’s around here), meaning the panel on the right would slide left. Well, since there’s a huge drop-off on the right side, we don’t want that! But, apparently, the doors can be used to slide either way. How you ask? You flip the door upside down & then it slides correctly. It seems like the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of, but it works. Now I have a functional patio door that easily slides, locks, and helps with energy efficiency– all great selling points! And I was able to snatch up this door for less than $250! Now the labor on the other hand…well, it was 3x the price of the door.


Another exciting addition to the Flip 4 house this week is that our appliances arrived! We ordered GE’s Slate series which I love! Normally (except for Flip 3), I’d just snatch up whatever is on clearance, but I wanted something a little modern and appearance of a higher-end in the kitchen, so I opted for the slate. And the best part? When I purchased them, the manager was so intrigued that I was a house flipper that I was able to talk him down on the retail price by about 20%. Heck, it never hurts to ask for a discount! I mentioned on Facebook awhile back that I was shopping around for the best deal on vent hoods and Amazon beat just about every place.


Honestly, I love these slate appliances so stinking much. I mean, aren’t they gorgeous? Almost sexy even! They better freakin’ sell this house!


And one of those projects this week that makes my blood boil was ripping out the brand new shower. Luckily, they were able to just cut out the sheetrock in one piece. When your name is attached to something, you want it done right. So, yeah, my blood is boiling that I’m spending so stinking much on the shower (again), but integrity requires that. And I can’t sacrifice quality and integrity to save a buck.


Unlike the last shower install, instead of installing the tile directly to the sheetrock, this contractor started by installing the Durarock sheets to create a flat surface (similar to the sheetrock).


The next step was to apply Aqua Defense directly to the Durarock. The Aqua Defense is what acts as a guard and barrier for the water. For this 2nd round of tiling, I was out of the warehouse sale beveled subway tile, so I opted for a variation of the subway tile. I chose 3×16 elongated subways and love them even more. The smaller 3×6 subway pieces actually look busy compared to this clean look. The shower isn’t finished yet, but it’s halfway done! It should be done by the weekend.


It seems like about once a week I show up to check on progress and there’s a new hole in the house! This one was an enormous hole, but I wasn’t complaining. The oversized sliding patio doors in the basement weren’t functional and were leaking. So I had Lowe’s do the install and they removed & hauled off the existing doors.


These special order Pella doors are beautiful, safe, functional, and expensive. Here’s some random trivia: these doors cost MORE than I’ve made in a month at some of my first jobs. And now I’m shelling it out on just doors. Crazy! I chose the Prairie grid pattern which is subtle, and I really like it!


I ended this week with a small little win– getting my auction sink installed and my Lowe’s sale faucet too, as well as the garbage disposal. This kitchen is so, so close to being done! I’m hoping to have the backsplash and venthood done in the next week!

Last week’s update was depressing, I know. Actually the last few have been, but this week ended on such a good note. I feel like we really knocked out a lot of projects this week. My painter is returning this week to get started on the exterior and the basement. Yes, there’s still tons of projects left to do, but this week was the refresher I desperately needed!


8 thoughts on “Flip 4 Week 6 Update

  1. Hi! I flip houses too-here in the mountains of North Carolina! My favorite place to get mirrors is TJ Maxx! Keep popping in throughout the flip and grab good ones when you see them. Some weeks they have nothing but other weeks they have gorgeous choices!

  2. Love seeing all the updates! Im a huge DIYer myself. We purchased a floreclosed home in bad conditions and have slowly been transforming it. Have you considered removing the upper kitchen cabinets that seperate the kitchen from the living room? I think it would open up the kitchen space, and allow for better overall flow. Just looking at the above pics without the doors in the area make it appear much more inviting. If you don’t completely remove that section of cabinets how about making it open shelving without doors? I hope you don’t mind my suggestions. I always like to have others opinions on my projects. Sometimes it helps to see things from someone else’s perspective. Your doing an amazing job! Best wishes!

    1. I considered that…but too late in the game for my guys to change it and it be affordable, so the cabinets stay. But those top sections will have an open grid front accent.

  3. ‘Bout time for a really good news week at this flip, so congratulations – a LOT of projects were done – now you can see the light at the end of what turned out to be a long, long tunnel. The house is looking good !
    P.S. We love vinyl plank flooring, and intend to install it in in every single room of our new house.

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