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Garden Season #2

Last summer I knew I wanted a garden. I had no idea what I was doing, so I started small. Uncle Nuny built me a raised bed, and I planted tons (really, too much) of vegetables. Some of them bit the dust thanks to the lawn man and stupid squirrels, but, overall, it was a successful first time gardening.


I got my love of gardening from Grandma Mac. She always had a garden and took care of it daily! I think she would love that there’s still a garden at her house!


One of the primary changes I am making this year is the compost I’m using. My uncle and I tried out mushroom compost in our gardens, and we were really underwhelmed. So this year I’m using cow manure compost. I’m hoping to see a difference in the amount & size of the vegetables.


I haven’t touched my garden in over a year. And it shows. I would like to have started on it sooner, but Flip 4 has commanded all my intention. But I played hooky from my Flip 4 duties and spent the day at my favorite garden shop and planting my garden & some pots. I don’t know about you, but getting my hands in the dirt is the best stress reliever!


I got all the weeds and rocks removed from the overgrown bed. I paid the price for not touching it in over a year! I mixed 50/50 garden soil with compost and then mixed into the bed before planting.


Last year I planted cantaloupe and it didn’t go well. This year, I planted several more tomato plants– all different varieties. What’s your favorite? I haven’t found a tomato I don’t love! I also planted lettuce, potatoes, onions, squash and zucchini and peppers. There’s still room to plant more, so I’m trying to decide what else I want to plant.

Are you gardening this year? What are you planting? What are your planting and gardening tips?


I didn’t get to the flower beds yet which are still in desperate need of attention. I did, however, utilize my vintage new-to-me pots and added some colorful annuals to add a little color & charm to my front porch. I have plans to add a lot more color and landscaping to the Flip 3 yard….it definitely needs it!


7 thoughts on “Garden Season #2

  1. Off topic, but where did you find that gorgeous planter beside the wee table with the pig on it??? Enquiring minds want to know, lol.

  2. Absolutely The Square Foot Gardening will become your best friend for two or more. I got it from the library and after a thorough read and copious note taking I went out and bought the now updated version. One hint, never plant your tomatoes in the same place each year. Also, plant some marigolds with the tomatoes as they keep most tomato pests at bay. So, flowers and veggies a most beautiful combination. Good luck on your adventure and always take these wee breaks for your soul. You work more than hard enough to deserve them. Regards, Linda P.S. been gardening almost 50 years so Square Foot really took me by surprise.

  3. Last year in our small raised plot I planted 1 cherry tomato, 1 ‘celebrity’ tomato, 6 bush beans, a row of snow peas, 2 blocks of spinach, 2 hills of new potatoes and several basil plants around the tomatoes. The red potatoes were planted in Feb. (so it’s too late this year for them), as were the snow peas, which are ‘history’ as soon as the air temps hit 80+, but they were yummy and super plentiful while they lasted. I’ve had better luck with the smaller tomatoes, and I just buy the big slicers are the local farmer’s market. We didn’t replant this year – decided to move the garden to a less shaded spot and start over when the new house is built . . . that’s what happens when trees grow – 5 years later you have too much shade for your garden to be successful. I rely on a concept called square foot gardening, and it looks like your Grandma Mac applied some of that to her own garden. Google it and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can grow in a small garden plot. Have fun !

  4. Your raised garden looks just the right size for 1-2 people. Maybe you could have one mound planted with Pygmy watermelons or another melon. Carrots and a stake or two of green beans would be tasty. Planting herbs around the edges is supposed to keep away rabbits and squirrels. And I love the idea of planting melons and potatoes in a bale of hay. If you can find an inexpensive long-blooming rose bush ($8 at Walmart), you could plant it in a deep pot or in the center of your garden so you have roses every month when it’s not freezing. You deserved a day off, and sure got a lot of work done during it.

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