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Cleaning & Restoring Cabinet Hardware

I didn’t think I’d keep the original hardware from the kitchen in the Flip 4 house. But once I got my beautiful new hardware from D. Lawless Hardware and saw how well they matched the original cabinet hinges, I decided to keep them.

One problem: They were caked with grease & layers of dirt.

After watching Rehab Addict, I learned a trick that I’ve used countless times for salvaging original hardware.

Have any of you all tried cooking your hardware? I swear by it! A few of you chimed in on Facebook that you also use soap. I’ve heard of using laundry detergent or some Dawn, but I’ve had luck with just water.

The really important thing to note about this though is that once you use your Crockpot to clean hardware, you can’t reuse the Crockpot to cook! I got lucky and found this one for 50 cents and only use it for hardware.

A lot of what was removed from these vintage hinges was years of grease. If you think about it, even when we do our deep Spring cleaning, who actually cleans hinges? I don’t. So years of grease and dirt build up causing the hardware to lose its luster and shine.


After cleaning 44 hinges, there was grime and grease everywhere in my kitchen. I mainly used an old toothbrush and SOS pad to clean them up. I am not reusing the cabinet pulls or knobs from the Flip 4 kitchen, but I already have them in my crockpot to clean. I may use them at some other project, so I’m getting them prepped to use in the future.

I’m so happy I can salvage whatever I can in a flip. Not only does it help with the bottom line, it keeps the integrity of the space!


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