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Flip 4 Week 5 Update

You may have noticed the tone of my updates have changed. Since each week has brought more monumental stress, headaches, surprises, and curse words, I am truly over this flip. It was a beast of a flip and the beast is roaring back. I keep saying it was a terrible week, and this week was. Contractor #2 is no longer working on this flip. I’m trying to just sub out what’s left and get this damned house finished.

Honestly, my goal is to just get what I can finished and move along. There are several behind the scene issues that are preventing that, and it makes me want to cry and scream and curse.

But it is what it is. House flipping is NOT for the faint at heart.


I’m trying to take my wins where I can, and there were very few this week. But one of them was that the hall bath tile arrived! Many of you voted on the 2 styles on Facebook, but I actually ended up going with a third style. This Mexican style tile is so on trend right now in the smaller cement versions, but this is a more affordable reproduction of those designs. I chose Interceramic Cementine tile in Contrast Circoli. These large 16×16 tiles look so great in person. Of course, they’re not installed yet. I’ve been driving around town with them in the back of my car for a week.


The master bathroom is really the only room that received attention this week. As I mentioned before, we’re at the stage where I’m hands off. But, the progress is very slow at this point which is frustrating. The tile in the master bath floor was laid. I picked up all of this tile for $40 at a closeout warehouse that I’ve used on every flip. I can always get flooring there for dirt cheap! These large rectangle greige tiles are a good neutral for the space. I had actually wanted the tile to go long ways, but whatever at this point.


Something that appears to be a win is the master shower. However, it was not a win. After the new tub debacle of last week, the new one was installed this week. . I found several boxes of beveled subway tile at a local flooring warehouse sale for less than $150! Using some glass tile accent from Lowe’s, updating the shower was fairly affordable. With the floor tile, beveled subway tile, glass tile, and new tub, the cost was just over $300. All of that sounds good until you discover the shower was installed and never water proofed, so the ENTIRE thing has to be gutted. If a shower is not water proofed, the tiles will pop off. Since my name is attached to this, I want it done right. So in a hellish flip that has no end in sight, another project was added.


My favorite small win this week, though, was the countertop situation! The kitchen and master bathroom countertops were installed! I chose granite in Dallas White for the kitchen. The slab is beautiful and a great mixture of neutral colors that will compliment the kitchen design really well! It was so fun to watch them cut and install the granite! This little machine seals the joints.


It took them about 4 hours to install all of the countertops. I spent the time either watching them or prepping the massive fireplace for its face lift. Watching them heave the massive slabs of granite and drill perfect lines was fascinating!

They taped off the space on the granite for the kitchen sink and then used their drill to make the cuts. That’s when I always get so nervous that something will mess up! But it didn’t!


When choosing the granite, I obviously focused on price. I chose a local countertop company rather than a big box store for this project. I asked them to show me only contractor grade slabs. I did happen to peek at some others that were gorgeous but wayyy over my budget! The Dallas White is a great neutral which is why so many contractors use it.


I got really lucky on the kitchen sink! I found a brand new one at an auction for $75! It’s a deep single bowl stainless steel sink that retails for $400. I LOVE getting great deals on stuff for flips! I’ll shop just about anywhere for doors, sinks, flooring, paint…you name it!


Since I was desperate for some wins this week, the kitchen really helped! It’s already such a transformation from Week 1! There are still several projects left to do. We still have to find the right hinges, get the hardware installed, install appliances, start the backsplash, and not to mention the flooring & hooking up the faucet. Lots of little things, but already so much visible progress!


For the master bathroom, instead of granite, I chose a solid surface. There is no lighting in there yet, so the pictures are terrible. I chose HiMacs Moondust which is a white with a hint of gray and speckles. The cabinet will eventually get a face lift too! I’m hoping to attempt some shiplap above the counter, but we’ll see how that turns out!


Once the granite was installed it was time to start debating the backsplash. I asked you all to vote on Facebook, and, as usual, you all come out in droves to vote! I love it! Choice A and B ran away with the show. And my person favorite is Choice B, but it’s more than double the cost of Choice A. Since I’m already so over budget, Choice A is the winner. You might recognize is as the accent tile in the shower I’m about to gut [again] in the master bath. I’ll reuse it in the new(er) master bath.

If you recall, this was a projected 6 week flip. With 2 contractors now gone, multiple horrible surprises, and expense, we won’t meet the 6 weeks. I don’t even have a projected completion date at this point. This upcoming week, however, will have more progress though! The flooring in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hall bathroom will all be installed! The appliances and some lighting will also arrive this week. So, in a flip full of hellish debacles, I’m excited about those wins!


10 thoughts on “Flip 4 Week 5 Update

  1. It really isn’t that bad. It is just happening in such a short time period and the clock is ticking, the bank is ticking and it sounds like a time bomb. This too will pass and you will have success. I just adore every post you send out and love watching your progress. Rooting for you and praying too.

  2. I am so excited to have found you! Your site is a dream come true for me, not that I am a flipper or anything close, but I adore watching all of the transformations! I really look forward to seeing everything!! Randi

  3. Those unexpected issues are no damn fun, and since I’ve been there and done that, I admire your perseverance. Flipping ain’t for sissies – period! That kitchen, however, is going to be a show stopper ! Cry a little, cuss a little, or cry a lot and cuss a lot, but keep on keeping on. You have a squad of cheerleaders you’ve never met who look forward to your updates. Hang in there !

  4. Even though it sounds like you’ve had a rough week I think you are awesome! I love reading your posts and seeing the updates. Hang in there you will get through it!

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