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Flip 4 Week 4 Update

Another week has come & gone at the Flip 4 house. And let me tell you, the fun of the honeymoon stage is over. I’m actually very, very over this house. I am starting to see a small glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel, but, in full disclosure, it’s farther away than I’d like!


This week started off on a rocky start. The project this week has been the master bath. It was a full gut job. Once the ugly pea green tub was removed, we had to install a new one.  If you know me, I always try to keep what I can keep. Ugly pea green tub? You bet I’d keep that. I kept that ugly harvest gold one, remember? But since there was a pretty large hole in the tub, I couldn’t give this dated tub a new life. So it was chopped up and removed.


We found a very affordable tub at Home Depot. When I went to check on the work, I noticed the tub had a substantial visible gash. Obviously, that wouldn’t do. So, we had to remove the newly installed tub, take it back & exchange, and then install another new one.


With that mishap, there were a couple days delay, but at least we now have a tub with no chips! Before we could start the tiling, my electrician had to move some electrical lines and sheetrock guy had to sheetrock. A lot of prep work has gone into prepping this bathroom! Before we could install the tile, the entire floor was covered in self-level.


We have also removed the ugly dated marble countertop in the master bathroom. The silver lining of this week is that we didn’t have to remove the cabinet. We initially thought we would. My countertop people came this week & got the laser templates done. We should have bathroom & kitchen countertops installed next week! Once that is done, I’ll be trying my hand at some DIY shiplap.


My painter got more painting done this week! The entire 2nd floor is completely painted! Adding fresh paint to walls is always my favorite because it’s such a transformation. And because people always ask, the color is Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray. If you recall, I fell in love with that color in Flip 3’s bathroom reno.


I am absolutely loving the color palette I chose for this house. The gray on gray is so popular right now, and I think it’s so refreshing to not have the uber common white cabinets in the kitchen. The Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray was the perfect not-too-dark shade of gray for the cabinets!


There are some things I like spending money on– pretty tile, new paint, gorgeous light fixtures. Then there are things I HATE to spend money on…like a brand new HVAC system. Not just any brand new HVAC…but an oversized one since the house is so large. This is our most expensive purchase so far on this flip. It’s not pretty. That’s why I hate spending money on it, but I know it will tremendously help in the resale value. But it doesn’t make it anymore enjoyable to write that check now.

The end of this week kind of ended on a sour note. House flipping is an emotional roller coaster, and some people make it worse. The bathroom we had expected to be finished over the weekend– isn’t finished. There still isn’t one tile laid. We’re going to have to bring in reinforcements to get some projects knocked out. And the most discouraging news is that we’re massively over budget. The only way to remedy that is to significantly scale back the design. Most of the basement will not get finished except for drywalling the ceiling and painting the walls and floor. We had plans to create a fun DIY grid wall, but instead the paneling will stay and get a coat of paint. We had plans to put commercial grade carpet on the floor, but instead we’ll be using a porch paint to paint the cement slab. The pantry I mention in last week’s post will stay the same except for some sheetrock. I had attempted to add paneling in there but it was a huge fail! It’s a bummer when work is not going at a reasonable pace and the budget isn’t your friend. I have to cut my losses and work on getting out of this house. Fingers crossed there’s still money to be made!




6 thoughts on “Flip 4 Week 4 Update

  1. Yes! I love that you admit you are over it- and it’s not all fun of shopping for lighting and paint! you ae a busy lady, thanks for sharing!

  2. Maybe this idea is crazy, and it would definitely add to your workload, but here it is for consideration. Your site of one of a few that actually shows flips-in-progress, which is the reason I love it. But I think you could enhance this by adding some video-or slide shows-of actual work being done. Take for example the framing, plumbing, sheet rock, tiling, and all that goes in to the tub area. Video that, in segments, then splice it together (easy to do) and post it on the page. For those of us who want to see the actual “how to” part, its all there-the actual work being done. You could also do it with pictures in a slide show, which a bit more low-tech, but easier to put together. Just an idea to help you show off the work. As the dog says. “Roll that beautiful bean footage:” seeing the work as it gets done may help you drive more visitors and eventually advertisers. Content equals visitors. and visitors can equal revenue.

  3. Hang tough. The changes and updates you’ve already made are GREAT! House flipping ‘ain’t for sissies’. . . I’ve been there and done that, so understand your frustration. I applaud your efforts and obvious talent to see what it can and will look like.

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