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My Review Of The Bagster

When I started Flip 4, I knew I would need a way to haul off remodel debris, waste, and materials. Renting a dumpster is thousands of dollars. Unless pigs are flying and hell has frozen, I won’t spend thousands of dollars on freaking trash. So I searched for an alternative.


My only realistic options were to take several trailer loads to the dump or use the Bagster. In concept, the Bagster sounded the easiest. How it works is that instead of having a large, metal dumpster at the property, you purchase a Bagster bag, fill it, schedule a pick up and ta-da, all the debris is gone.

To purchase, you can either purchase at a big box home improvement store or online. I opted to purchase at Lowe’s and it took 4 employees and a trip around the entire store before someone knew what I was talking about. The cost of the bag is around $30 which I didn’t think was an absurd price. Where you really pay is on the pick up.

Since Flip 4 is a full scale remodel, everything from sheetrock, paneling, light fixtures, carpets, screens, paint cans, countertops, etc. is all being disposed. After setting up the bag, it was completely full in a week. To schedule a pick up, you schedule online (you pay more to schedule via phone) and are given a 3 day window of when they’ll pick it up. I will say, they were prompt in their pick up. You have 3 options for pick up- have it street side, have it on the driveway, or have it on your yard. I chose to have it on the yard because I didn’t want to get cited by the city for having it at the street.

From a standpoint of convenience and ease, the Bagster was a good option. From a realistic full-scale remodel, it is not a practical choice. For each pickup, the charge is $150. Well, I quickly realized multiple pickups would be needed, so that’s $150 multiplied by at least 3 or 4. Also, they keep the bag when they pick it up, so I’d have to shell out another $30 each time. So, I don’t plan to purchase another one. For the remainder of the Flip 4 reno, I’ll be loading up our trailer and taking it to the dump. The dump fees are significantly more reasonable, but that does mean I have to spend the time loading everything and driving it there. But that’s a small price to pay!

If you’re looking at doing a small remodel– like just a bathroom or just a kitchen– the Bagster would probably be a good option for that. If you’re in a situation like me where you have a full-scale remodel, well, I don’t think the Bagster would work. The bag isn’t huge and fills up quickly once you start adding bulky waste.

Bottom line: Neat concept but not for what I do.


5 thoughts on “My Review Of The Bagster

  1. I have my bagster questions answered! The pick up fee would explain why I see one sitting for months at a house I pass frequently! Love your blog..you are amazing.

  2. Great Post! I always wondered about those. Call around for dumpsters though, I get them from Advanced (formerly Veolia) or what ever name they are under now, they charge $404 to drop and pick up the container including the first 2 tons of waste, a typical 30 yd container full runs me $500-550 in the end. but for most jobs I have a 7X14 dump trailer for trash, best $7,400 I ever spent, that thing prints money if you flip and have rentals in any volume, no dumpster fees and they charge by the ton to dump, here its $65/ton at the transfer station. Thanks for the review of Bagster!!!

  3. Great idea Jen. We always have to deal with trash, whether it be reno trash or tenant trash, getting rid of trash is a constant issue. Why don’t these trash companies offer more of a tailored solution for renovators and landlords, you wonder? Maybe there’s a new business idea: Custom Real Affordable Pickup, or CRAP for short!

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