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Flip 4 Week 3 Update

We are now 3 weeks into Flip 4. Each week is chaotic and stressful, but I’m seeing progress so I’m happy! After a hellish Week 1 and a pretty calm Week 2, Week 3 has really kicked into gear! The new contractor started towards the end of Week 3. So I’m hopeful more visible progress is in the near future!


I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE my painter. He does drywall and paint, and he is phenomenal! He is so fast and so good. He was able to fix that awful ceiling in the kitchen. The drywall was patched and ceiling has been painted. From the Day 1 of faux tin tiles to this ceiling, it looks so much better!

20170331_143714 (1)

And one of my favorite happenings of this week was that the kitchen cabinets have been painted! We kept the original cabinets and gave them new life with fresh paint! Since I’ve already been asked several times, the paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray. I opted to ditch the standard white cabinets for something a bit different and modern….and I’m so glad I did!


In the course of this week, all of the ceilings have been painted and most of the walls. By this weekend, the living room should be painted as well! Since I’m doing far less work on this flip than in my previous ones, I’m actually not at the property that often. I’m more in the way when I am there, but I make daily visits to monitor progress and answer questions. For the most part, that is working out well. I do appreciate that I don’t have to babysit my painter. I’ve used him so much, I fully trust whatever he does. That’s such a rare find in this business!


I wanted to give y’all a glimpse into the kitchen design. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m taking this kitchen in a totally different design direction than I normally do. I’m partnering with D. Lawless Hardware (sponsored link) on this project. I’ve used them so many times and love everything I get from them. Instead of a standard brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze, I opted to bring in some aged brass and bronze fixtures into the kitchen. I LOVE how they are pairing with the gray cabinets. The countertops have been ordered and should be installed in a couple weeks!


The hanging bookshelf in one of the guest rooms was removed by my painter. He had to remove it piece by piece, but I plan to give it a new life in Uncle Nuny’s workshop soon! I’m hoping to use it in the pantry once it gets repaired.


I got to work in the pantry closet. I have practically no budget, and I don’t plan to bid out any of this room, so it’s me being a Weekend Warrior in this room trying to get it finished. I don’t have it in the budget to drywall the walls, so I’m putting up a coastal whitewash paneling. I can’t believe I’m putting in paneling in a house after I’ve torn out so much over the years, but it’s really my only option and it’s just a pantry closet. It’s actually pretty easy to cut & install and pretty affordable!

This weekend, I’ll be tackling more of the pantry. This week we’re also leveling the floor, hanging some light fixtures, and prepping the bathrooms! I’m getting eager for the finish line, and I’m very, very sick and tired of the commute. While this may be financially beneficial, I don’t know if I’ll do another one this far from home!


4 thoughts on “Flip 4 Week 3 Update

  1. Aw shucks! Where’s the fun in letting a contractor have all the fun. Honestly, if you can afford it in your margin, and you can still make money at the end, and get the job done better and quicker-thus getting sold earlier, and reducing your holding costs-well then, it’ll be a smart move. In my area, the economy is so tough and the margins so tight, we have to do the work ourselves, getting paid at ‘sold,’ not having the luxury of being able to hire others to do the work. BTW, I shared your site on my blog, so hopefully a few other folks will find-and enjoy-your work here.


    1. Thanks Tim! The reason I can hire out so much on this one is because of the steal of a price I got it for. Otherwise, I’d probably be doing a lot more myself and scaling back my design.

  2. I’m impressed at the visible change throughout the house this week. Those kitchen cabinets and new hardware ‘rock’ – love the color !

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