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Green Bathroom Update: New Countertops

In all of the hustle & bustle of Flip 4 lately, you might have thought I had completely abandoned Flip 3. Well, I’ve certainly directed all my resources towards Flip 4, but, luckily, my countertop guy that I’ve used on every flip could finish the countertop for the Green Bathroom in Flip 3. I have used laminate in every flip, but in Flip 4 I’ll be using granite. I may opt to use laminate in the wet bar, but my regular countertop guy only works with laminate. So I wasn’t pulling him away from Flip 4 work.


I’ve lived without a sink in this bathroom for well over a year….and without any countertops for over a month. If you recall, the original countertop was made for a single sink, but I wanted to convert this vanity to a double sink.


I removed the existing countertop and my fired contractor from Flip 4 converted the plumbing to dual sink plumbing. He wasn’t able to finish it until the sinks were ready to mount. So the bad news with that? He has been fired and I don’t want him back at my flips. So I might just attempt it myself with some help from YouTube before I hire it out. I don’t want to pull any of my labor from Flip 4 to finish Flip 3.


In keeping with the retro integrity of this space, I chose a laminate for the countertops. Using Wilsonart’s Arden Park Carrera was the perfect choice. I was looking for a retro speckled laminate which I couldn’t find, but this one had a slight speckled pattern. My countertop guy said it reminded him of a concrete countertop appearance.


I didn’t want a bold pattern on the countertop. I was afraid a bold pattern would distract from the vintage mint tile. That is the showstopper in this room, and I just want everything else- from the floors to the countertop- to accent them!


Aren’t those details great? I really love this pattern, and I’ve used a lot of laminate patterns. The subtly is what drew me to this one. With minimal movement with the pattern, this laminate is a close replica to the original!


The vanity isn’t quite done yet. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be attempting to complete the plumbing myself. I may get knee deep in it and abandoned that idea, but I’m going to give it a shot. Then I need to do touch-up painting on the base cabinet and the drawers. Then I’ll add the doors and hardware. This room is THIIIIIIIIS close to being finished…finally!



8 thoughts on “Green Bathroom Update: New Countertops

  1. When we were looking for countertop ideas for our new house, laminates had some pretty impressive looks going on. The quality and surface choices have come a long way. I love your new countertop.

  2. I’m sure you can finish the plumbing in flip 3, or find the right person to do it. It looks easy when I see it on tv, but I’ve never even replaced a washer. When my husband does plumbing around our house, it takes at least four trips to Lowe’s or Hime Depot. Then he gets our son to help, and he pulls out YouTube first. I have a sprayer I can’t pull out, sinks with the stopper disconnected, and outside faucets that are permanently disconnected. But I have a working garbage disposal, new faucets in four sinks, and my washing machine hooked up correctly now. If my guys can do these projects, you ought to be a pro! Go for it.

  3. The counter looks great! I agree, it’s perfect for that bathroom.
    Regarding the fired contractor, I didn’t realize he was your usual contractor. That makes his sloppy work in current flip even worse!

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