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Flip 4: Week 2

After a hellish Week 1 at Flip 4, things are finally looking up! We had a 6 week timeline but with the fired contractor and an entire week without another contractor, I don’t know how reasonable 6 weeks is at this point. We may be at the 7-7.5 week mark.


We have a NEW contractor!


Honestly, interviewing and hiring of the contractor was the biggest accomplishment this week. I’ll be doing a future post about what you should & should NOT look for when hiring a contractor for a remodel.


In week 2, the driveway was completed. The only thing left is where that box is- they have to fill that section but we’ve had rain for days and days here, so it hasn’t happened yet.


During the contractor limbo time, I wanted to use my time wisely. I knew that the screens on the porch would have to be removed at some point anyway, so why pay someone to do it? I saved almost $300 by not paying my contractor. Once I had the screens and lattice removed, the sight lines are fantastic. It’s a complete 180 view of wooded area. I can imagine several summer evenings sipping iced tea on this porch when it’s finished!


The pantry area has been an eyesore. The storage is an asset but the shelves were so makeshift and uneven that this room didn’t really add any value. I knew that I was going to rip out the shelves and at least replace them with nicer ones, and I took a poll on Facebook. My ultimate decision was to rip out everything in this room. So my hammer, pry bar, and sledgehammer had a date and I got everything removed!


Once I had all the shelves out the space opened up SO much! I will insulate the left side since it adjoins to the garage, and I will add whitewashed paneling to the walls. I have virtually no budget for this space, but I plan to turn it into a pantry, mudroom, closet area that is not only functional but appealing.


2nd to hiring a contractor, the most exciting other thing was that my painter & sheetrock guy started his extensive work. He has lots of patching and drywall and mudding and painting to do. He has started in the kitchen since my countertops are almost ready to be installed! I’ve used this guy on multiple houses and he is always so fast and so good!


The honey oak is quickly disappearing! He has already mudded and sheetrocked the ceiling in the kitchen. He created a “built-in” soffit ceiling above the random cabinet next to the fridge area. I’m excited that I’m starting to see visual progress that isn’t just demo!

Now that I have a contractor, I feel like I can take a breath. I don’t have to be there 24/7 to babysit which is nice since I still have a day job!

Week 3 will be an exciting week! My contractor starts on Monday & we are beginning with a massive gut job in the master bathroom!


5 thoughts on “Flip 4: Week 2

  1. Good contractors are hard to find. you have choices, Fast, Cheap, Good, Pick 2, trustworthiness is the other big one, I know an investor that the contractor was cooking meth in her places after hours, so its always good to randomly check up on them. You are moving right along on this, its great to see the progress!!!

  2. Congratulations on hiring a new contractor. I really need to read your tips on hiring the right person. And the view from the porch is worth the price of the house.

  3. So the purple cloud above your head is slowly but surely disapating?!? That’s a welcome bit of news so I hope you celebrated with gusto. I’m looking forward to reading your perspective and advice about hiring competent contractors.

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