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How To Easily & Perfectly Hang A Gallery Wall

I showed you Part 1 & Part 2 of creating a Vintage Florida gallery wall with the help of Framebridge. But, sometimes, actually hanging the pictures and getting it just right can be annoyingly stressful! Or maybe that’s just me.


Getting the spacing just right and knowing exactly where to hang each piece is critical so it doesn’t look sloppy. This is one of those projects you can’t just “eye it” and hope it’s right.


My little secret to getting it just right is to buy a $1 poster board. I used one of the flimsy boards not the thicker styrofoam ones. The color is totally not important.


My next step was to lay out all the pictures on the poster board. It’s really more of a game of tetris- just trying to get them all to fit with room enough to cut later.


Once I had the pictures laid out on the poster board, I used a pencil to trace around each picture. That’s why it was important to leave just enough room between the pictures when arranging them on the poster board.


After I had each picture traced, I cut out each one.


Since getting the arrangement of the gallery wall is usually not an easy job and certainly not something you can just guess at, I typically arrange and rearrange until I’m happy with the result. But even laying it out on the floor can be deceptive, so I use painter’s tape to hang up the cardboard pieces so I can visualize the frames on the wall. Using painter’s tape allows you to easily unstick and move as many times as you need.


It took me a little bit to find an arrangement on the wall that I liked. Once I did, I then laid out the pictures on the floor to mimic how I arranged the poster board on the walls. Once I was satisfied with the layout, I took some rough measurements of width between each pictures & adjusted my poster boards on the wall to match those measurements.


Once I readjusted the poster boards to exact right placement, I drilled the hanging hole through the poster board. I wanted to make sure I was drilling it in the exact right spot. I had measured the spot of the hanging bracket and then marked that spot on the posterboard & drilled on the X.


I started by hanging the largest picture first to act as an anchor to make sure my measurements didn’t get skewed. Once I had it hung, then I went on to the next largest frame size and worked my way to the smallest one last.


Playing with the arrangement to get it the way I liked was the hardest part of this little project. I didn’t want it to seem cluttered, but I also wanted it pretty centered over the toilet.  If you’re planning to hang multiple pictures, the poster board method is a super easy way to not screw it up!


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