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Vintage Florida Gallery Wall- PART 2 & A Coupon!

I’ve been working hard in the Green Bathroom trying to get it finished. There have been a lot of DIY projects I’ve been tackling, but one of my favorites is my vintage Florida gallery wall. The minty green wall tiles are so iconic vintage, that I wanted to create an old school vintage feel in the bathroom..even in the decor. I partnered with Framebridge (affiliate link) on this project to showcase how I turned some of my favorite vintage-inspired art into a vintage Florida gallery wall.


Part 1 of my post discussed how I picked out the frames I wanted. Like I mentioned then, I wanted an eclectic feel, so I chose some mismatched styles.

Once I had the walls in the bathroom painted, it was time to get started on the Vintage Florida Gallery Wall.


There was a lot of blank, awkward wall space above the toilet. Since I removed a hanging cabinet, I wanted to replace it with something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Since I’m a big fan of Florida and thought the minty green would play well with a Florida vibe, I opted to incorporate art that was reminiscent of vintage Florida.


I mentioned in Part 1 of my post that I partnered with Framebridge (affiliate link) for this project. The picking & ordering of the frames was an easy process. Once I had picked out what I wanted, Framebridge mailed me packaging to send them my art. Within a couple of weeks, I had my new art on my door step!


I ordered three pieces in total, and each piece came packaged and wrapped in bubble wrap. I’m always anxious when I order things in the mail that are breakable, but they were all wrapped securely & nothing was broken.


Each piece had a fun surprise! The backing of each frame had a fun printed design. Not that you’ll see the design when it’s hanging on the wall, but if you decide to display art on a plate stand or something, there’s a fun pop of design on the back which I thought was cute.


The one piece that I added to the gallery wall- besides the art I sent to Framebridge- was a thrift store framed shell shadowbox. It was a dark wood, so I taped off the glass and spray painted it white with some leftover paint.


I mentioned in my Part 1 post that I chose the Mandalay frame for my Golden Girls print. Didn’t it just turn out so perfect? I love it! The richness and quality of that frame in person is stunning! It’s definitely the statement frame of the gallery wall because of the rich color, detail, and size.


For Mac’s Ft. Lauderdale postcard, I chose the Rosemont frame– a slighty rose gold sheen frame. Since I was creating a mismatched, eclectic collection of frames, I loved the subtlety of the color and the clean modern lines of this frame. I chose simple white mattes for each picture because I wanted the frames to be the statement- not the mattes.

20170310_173308.jpg And I couldn’t have a Florida themed gallery wall without some whitewash, right? That’s why I chose the Monterey frame. With a very subtle whitewash, this was a good classic choice to tone down the metallics I had used with the other frames.


Since my goal was to preserve the minty green tile & really enhance the space, I think the vintage Florida theme works well in this space. By incorporating some fun unique art and sentimental pieces with the help of Framebridge (affiliate link), I created a mini gallery wall the Golden Girls would be proud of!


Picking the layout of the gallery wall was a little tricky, and I’ll be doing a post about how I planned it. But what I did know was that I wanted it to be cohesive but not matchy-matchy. That’s why I chose Framebridge (affiliate link) because I was able to choose from a variety of styles, colors, and tones. I chose just three selections, but they had tons more!


My little $1 framed shell shadowbox perfectly complimented the art I had framed. That’s what I love about gallery walls- there are no rules. You can add art, wall decor, shadow boxes…whatever you like. These beautiful shells are in pristine condition and the perfect final accent!


Once I knew that I wanted to create a vintage Florida theme in the bathroom, my wheels started turning. Creating a mini gallery wall was a fun way to incorporate sentimental and fun accents in the space. Once I knew I wanted a gallery wall, I decided Framebridge was the best option. Besides the price point, the primary thing I loved so much about Framebridge (affiliate link) was that I planned, ordered and designed the entire gallery wall without ever leaving my house. While sitting on the couch, I perused my options, ordered and received my professionally framed art without ever leaving! We’re all busy- most of us don’t have time to go to several stores to pick out the right frames, have it ordered, and then go back and pick it up which is what makes Framebridge a great option!

And now for the fun part! YOU get to try out Framebridge with $15 off your order! Use code: FRIEND15 for $15 off your order before March 31, 2017!

This post contains affiliate links. I partnered with Framebridge to bring you a new, easy, & convenient way to create custom framed art. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!

Just a reminder! Join me THIS WEDNESDAY for a Facebook LIVE tour of Flip 4! I hope to see you there!



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