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The Makings of a Vintage Florida Gallery Wall- PART 1

Obviously, I’m obsessed with Florida. I want to live there. I want to be there. I love all things coastal and beachy. And long before I ever started the projects in the Green Bathroom, I stumbled on something that became my vision for the Green Bathroom decor.

While cleaning out some of Mac’s papers, I found a very vintage Ft. Lauderdale postcard Mac had written to her mom and sister while visiting my aunt in Florida. I loved the colors, the nostalgia, and, of course, the Florida images. Playing off the mint green tile in the bathroom, I decided to take the route of accenting the space in an old-school Florida charm.


I knew I’d be incorporating Mac’s postcard, but I had to do some scouring online to find the rest. Of course, Etsy is a great stop when you’re searching for unique charming decor. And, as we established in my Florida bungalow post, I am all about all things Golden Girls, so when I saw a picture of the Golden Girls living room, I snatched it right up! I LOVE the quality of it and the price was quite reasonable too. And since I always watched Golden Girls at Mac’s house, it’s only fitting to incorporate it in the decor.

I am also a big fan of anything with flamingos. It reminds me of Florida, so obviously I love it. I found these beautiful flamingo watercolors from an Etsy seller and thought they’d make the perfect final touch.


I know that most people don’t think of gallery walls in a bathroom, but I needed something to go on the wall space above the toilet. I didn’t want a cabinet there, but I did want to have something eye-catching there. So I’m creating a mini-gallery wall with a vintage Florida flair!  [And, if you want to vote on the paint color for the bathroom, I’m struggling to choose!]


Once I knew exactly what I wanted in my gallery wall, it was time to get started! And I partnered with quite possibly the greatest [and affordable] concept for making gallery walls. Framebridge (affiliate link) is an online framing company. They have tons of different types & sizes of frames, colors, mattes, styles, you name it. I am hoping to create an eclectic style gallery wall so I specifically chose different types of frames for my pieces. If you’ve ever priced custom framing, you know how absurd the prices can be. I didn’t have sticker shock with Framebridge though!

2017-01-30 (2).png

How Framebridge works is in a couple different ways– you can either upload the art you want framed (in a digital file) OR you can mail in the art to them (FOR FREE…you don’t pay shipping!) and then they frame your art. I chose to mail in my items. On their website, you get to design and visualize everything you do before you actually order. You even have the option of using one of their designers {for FREE!} to help choose colors and mattes that enhance your project.

Selecting everything yourself, however, is extremely easy. They start by having you choose the art size. If it’s not exact, don’t freak out– mine was off a little bit. Their designers remeasure everything and make adjustments when framing! My largest print was the Golden Girls print and it was still considered a small size.

2017-01-30 (3).png

Once you’ve selected the size, then you’re prompted to choose if you want to work with a designer or not. Again, the designing services are free. I opted to choose my own frames.

2017-01-30 (4).png

Then comes the fun part- choosing your frames! You are also prompted to choose which color matte you want. I chose basic white on all of mine, but they have several choices. For the Golden Girls print I knew I definitely wanted the Mandalay frame because it kind of mimicked the Florida rattan furniture in the picture and the colors were similar as well. On a side note, this is my favorite frame choice!

2017-01-30 (6).png

For the flamingo print, I chose the Rosemont frame. I shared on Facebook that I recently snatched up a $2 rose gold basket at Walmart for the bathroom, so I wanted to tie into that. I absolutely LOVE rose gold and the Rosemont is one of their new frames. Even though the flamingo print wasn’t tiny (5×7) it was still considered an extra small piece.

2017-01-31 (1).png

Lastly, I chose the Monterey frame for Mac’s postcard. The Monterey is a whitewashed wood which I think really plays on the coastal feel I’m wanting to create.

2017-01-30 (7).png

I am so giddy about this mini gallery wall! Using Framebridge, I was able to select high quality, unique frames that cohesively created the design I wanted. All while sitting on the couch, I had the benefit of choosing frame style, colors, mattes, and even had the option of professional design services. I paid $0 in shipping—to ship the art to them AND for them to ship the framed products to me! When you check out, if you opted to mail in your art, you can select how you want it mailed–flat package, round tube, etc. to protect your art. They will then send you the packaging for you to return with the art.


Framebridge doesn’t just work with your printed art, they work with original canvas art, posters, and MY FAVE- Instagram! They can take your favorite Instagram pics and have them professionally framed! You can choose a regular matte or choose the Heartstagram for a heart shaped matte!

2017-01-31 (2).png

The Heartstagram is the most adorable and affordable Valentine’s Day present. Choose the perfect frame, your favorite Insta couple pic, and then get the heart matte for less than $40! I LOVE this concept so much since Instagram is where we archive so much of our lives now.

Now that I’ve done the prep work for the gallery wall, I’ll post about the finished product and show you my images in the frames I selected in the near future. So stay tuned for Part 2! Whether you’re looking to create uniform style pictures with the same frame or mix it up with various styles, Framebridge was such an easy & affordable experience. And the best part? If you want $10 off your first order, leave me your email address or shoot me an email at to get a $10 coupon!

*This post contains affiliate links & sponsored material*


4 thoughts on “The Makings of a Vintage Florida Gallery Wall- PART 1

  1. I have a gallery wall in my guest powder room and I love it. It all started with “enjoy the ride” bicycle print from Hobby Lobby. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, I just liked it. Then I hit on the gallery wall idea. A couple framed Postcards from our favorite travels, some original watercolors we picked up in Santa Fe on our way to our fave place, and some other items I personalized to fit the space. It’s just fun and unique to us. It’s great to pick up on a theme and run with it.

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