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Living Room Flips:Before & Afters

This week I shared on Facebook a brief snapshot of the living room transformations in all three flips. After revealing the midcentury living room in Flip 3, I was inspired to take a stroll down memory lane.

So I hope you’ll indulge me as I expand on this little stroll.


The house that started it all was a dated fixer upper. I know, it’s not much to look at it.


It’s as drab and dreary as they come, I know.


I know I’ve said this story a thousand times, but I lived in those conditions for a year. Scraped ceilings, no carpet, dusty and tools everywhere.


But, in the end, it was worth it. New carpet, new paint, and new fixtures. By replacing those dated spindles with modern I-beams,  the space looks totally different!


Of all the flips, I loved Flip 1 the most. I love the sentimental aspect of Flip 3 the most, but, as for a house I’d stay in, Flip 1 would be it.


And Flip 2 wasn’t much of an improvement. While it was in remarkable shape for its age, it was a time warp inside.


The space was awkward and actually served 3 purposes. It was high retro design and not at all modern functionality.


And, as is always the case, the living room at Flip 2 got A LOT…A LOT…worse before it got better. This one, by accident, was a complete gut job.


With new floors, new sheetrock, new paint, freshened up fireplace, custom dividers, and new fixtures the space finally came together! It was an enormous room!


And as you saw earlier this week, Flip 3 was just worn out & dirty. Its bones were good; it just needed some updating.


Luckily, the work in the Flip 3 living room wasn’t major. Restoring the floors was the most substantial part of the remodel.


Almost 6 years and 3 flips…3 extremely different styles. 3 projects that showed that no house is beyond its glory. Every house has a story and needs updating. The life of a house–either the  kitchen or the living room- is the most important aspect. Real life happens in living rooms- homework, movie night, opening Christmas presents, and so much more. So, to me, creating spaces that foster a feeling of comfort and style is extremely important to me!


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