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The Green Bathroom Floor Reveal…Finally!

I know, you were probably thinking I’d never get the floor done in the green bathroom. But, good news, it is finished! Thanks for hanging in there with me. There was a lot of prep work to get to the final product. I started by busting up the tile, scraping off thinset, cutting the backerboard, laying the backerboard, sealing the joints of the backerboards, cutting the tile, gluing tile & grouting the tile. Now that I’ve done ALL that work, I finally have a finished bathroom floor!

Flip 3 Bathroom 001

If you recall, this is exactly what Mac’s bathroom looked like when she lived here. I loved her eclectic style. Maybe that’s where I get it from. The floors were done by Dad and his friend. Interestingly enough, this is the first tile floor Dad ever did. And after busting it up years later, this is the first tile floor I ever laid too!


The vintage-inspired tile is beautiful. I love that it’s new but with a distinctive nod to the retro era. Using the Timberwolf grout was the perfect choice. Since it was my first ever tile job, I made mistakes. I learned lessons. There are some crooked cuts. It’s not perfect. But, I think I made the space better despite the lack of perfection.


One such area of non-perfection is where the vent cover meets the tile. I apparently cut the tile too short, so there is a slight gap. My plan is to mix some more grout and fill that in. It’s so such a tiny gap that it’s hardly noticeable, but it’ll drive me bonkers if I don’t fix it.


They didn’t make thresholds that worked for the space where the tile meets the wood floors. I did stumble on a marble piece for $10 at Lowe’s that is a threshold but probably not originally designed for a space like this. But, heck, $10 for a marble threshold, I think it was a great alternative. I had my handyman cut the threshold because I was a little scared to use my dry saw. Lowe’s doesn’t cut these threshold pieces, unfortunately.


From start to finish, this floor cost me just under $300. I saved quite a bit since I didn’t have to pay any labor, so I only paid for the materials. Since I opted for this tile instead of the hexagon tile, I saved quite a bit of money. I’ve spent thousands before on labor for installing tile floors, and this isn’t to say I’ll never hire it done again, but now that I know I CAN do it, that’s a good thing to have my toolbox!


The biggest project of the room is done. Up next is another big project- the sink vanity is getting a functional transformation and cosmetic update. So for now, my bathroom has no cabinet door, no sink…but we do have a working toilet and shower!


If you’re just joining my little floor makeover celebration, be sure to check out how I did it. It took a little longer than I had planned, but every step was documented–even with the mishaps! I started by busting up the tile, cutting the backerboard to apply to the subfloor, taping and sealing the backerboard joints, cutting the tile, laying the tile, and finished by grouting the tile.

If you’re looking to transform a dated bathroom, removing the existing floor can dramatically change the appearance. Knowing how to do it yourself can significantly help with the cost. Not to mention, it was so satisfying to know I Did This. By Myself.


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