Longing for the Bungalow

You may remember my SW Florida real estate tour this summer. If anything, that has ignited a goal…a longing…for life in Florida. It’s prime winter here in Arkansas, and it’s overcast, it’s cold, & I’m constantly bundled up like I’m living in an igloo.

Basically, I hate winter and all that it brings.

So I continue to long for my Florida bungalow. The quaint, airy characteristics of the typical bungalow full of charm and character draw me in every time. I drool every time I see one, and, someday, I’ll own one! [I hope!] Once I cross the Florida state line and my eyes gaze on the ocean, I feel like my anxiety, my stress, my worries evaporate. I mean, people in Florida can’t be stressed, right?


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The bold and bright colors are so different than the Arkansas style which is why I love the refreshing style. Those Florida rooms/porches beckon an afternoon of good reading and cold iced tea…leaving this bitter winter & my worries behind. I understand now why there are so many snowbirds that flock south when the bitter cold hits.


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Is it even possible to have a bad day when you start your day eating breakfast here? The open windows & doors are so desirable to me. It’s either too dang hot or too dang cold here for that. And what about the porch railing & curtains? Stunning! I feel like the architecture and colors are more daring and bold. In our typical suburban life, we’re drenched in taupe and gray cookie cutters.
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I am a sucker for those Floridian shutters and that aqua is so coastal. The landscape and the corbels and shutter accents enhance the space. I mean, seriously, I wish this was part of Arkansas decor & landscape.


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You know what I love about Florida homes that they do so well? They create more living space than the square footage of a home. They turn the outdoors into cozy, inviting living spaces since the weather is more conducive to that than the midwest. Each time I’m in Florida, I tend to gravitate to the Florida rooms, porches, and pools with a good book.


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When you’re living in the Sunshine State, I imagine letting in as much sun inside as possible. Walls and walls of windows with a view of the ocean is pretty much my paradise. The smell of the ocean, the breeze wafting through the house, and warm sun  filling the space, I mean really that is my paradise.


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And the bungalow that started my obsession I think we all recognize. As a kid, I LOVED watching The Golden Girls. I was obsessed with their house, that fun bamboo furniture, and all those windows! Plus, I secretly hoped (well, still do) that I would retire to Florida and live with my own tribe of friends. That furniture is iconic Florida, and there’s something about that old-school decor that I feel like you can get away with in Florida.

I even found a some drool-worthy bungalows (or mansions) currently on the market. I just need a bigger bank account.

Key West Bungalow

Naples Bungalow

Sanibel Island Bungalow

Tampa Bungalow

Anyone else a crazy Florida bungalow fan? Or, heck, even a Golden Girls fan? Let’s all just secretly hope for the day when we get to live the Golden Girls life.

If you haven’t already voted in the DIY contest sponsored by The Home Depot and Ryobi, my kitchen island made the top 10! You can vote multiple times! I’d love for y’all to hop over and #votekitchenisland!

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7 thoughts on “Longing for the Bungalow

  1. I totally agree with you, south FL is the place to be!! My husband and I bought our retirement home in southwest FL on Pine Island (the island right behind Sanibel) and we love it. We don’t live there fulltime “yet” but hopefully it won’t be long!
    There’s still some bargains there but no beaches (can drive to them) but we have lots of canals on the island. Our place is on a canal; hubby has two boats on lifts. We love it; wish I could remodel it like some of these you showed here. Maybe when we get there fulltime, I can afford to make some changes. If you want to know more about our area, email me at jduncan395@aol.com

    1. Janice- I was in Sanibel a few years ago and fell in love with all the canals! We had a pretty friendly alligator that stayed in the canal the entire week we were there!

      1. I have been vacationing on Sanibel since 1978; my kids grew up going there every summer for two weeks. I have a pretty good shell collection too. When my son was 15 yrs old he caught a 5 ft shark fishing on the beach! Lots of memories there! We still love to go over there every chance we get. From our place on Pine Island I can ride my bike about a mile and see the Sanibel Causeway and the back side of the island. I just love that area!! P.S. We saw lots of alligators there but never had one visit us!! 🙂

  2. Hi Jenn, I was born in New York but have lived most of my life in S. Florida. I have to admit that our weather currently is an amazing 75 degrees with slightly chillier evenings. We haven’t had much of a winter so far. While a lot of the country is freezing we are enjoying our weather. However, 6 months of the year the heat is unbearable. I basically stay inside unless I’m @ the beach. I’d love to own waterfront property but it is quite expensive. Keep working and make your dream a reality.

  3. I am with you about Winter and longing for warmer weather, I think i would be happy with Arkansas mild winters, I just dont like the hot hot summers. if you would like you could spend winter in my neck of the woods where it snows almost everyday, and school only gets cancelled if we get more that 14″ of snow in 24 hours or if the ambient (not wind chill) is colder than -10 degrees (state law)
    Work on those flips, and start adding rentals so the cash comes in weather your working or not, and get the depreciation to offset those Realtor commissions.

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