Brooklyn Bedding: About to Change Your Sleeping Life

Y’all know I’m not shy about sharing my opinions. If I think something is stupid or overpriced, I’ll tell you. If I love a product or think you’d love a product, I definitely want to pass it along.

The goal of my blog is to not only showcase my house flips and pay-off of my $70,000 student loans, but to encourage readers to enhance their spaces. Maybe that’s through DIY projects, budget-friendly renovations, or product endorsements.

I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I desperately treasure my sleep. I mean I’m spending days transforming kitchens, laying tile, busting up countertops, and more. I need my sleep. My bedroom is my sanctuary. A few years ago, I bought a really expensive pillow hoping it would help my sleep and alleviate my migraines. It didn’t, and I recently trashed the pillow. If I’m not getting restful sleep, this house-flipping life puts me over the edge. I’ve been on the hunt for the right mattress, the right pillow, and luxurious bedding to ensure I’m sleeping well and feeling rested. Brooklyn Bedding (affiliate link) is really a one stop shop for my sleeping needs.


It’s no secret I LOVE a good deal. I mean how many times have I preached saving money on this blog? So the fact that I didn’t have to pay any shipping, I get 5% off, I get 2 free pillows, and 1 complete microfiber sheet set for FREEEEEEE as a bonus of a mattress purchase? I was hooked from the opening screen!

2017-01-12 (3).png

There is no bigger factor in my sleep and migraine prevention (am I the only one with horrendous migraines?) than the mattress I sleep on. Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10 year warranty, 120 night FREE trial, FREE shipping, 2″ thick body-countering mattress layer, breathable cotton pillow-top cover…all made in the USA.

It’s not just me, their reviews were superb which is always the first thing I read before pulling the trigger on any purchase…big or small.

2017-01-12 (1).png

But without a doubt, the single biggest factor in giving me restful sleep and preventing migraines is the choice of pillow I sleep on. Brooklyn Bedding‘s pillow offers your choice of firmness- firm or plush. There’s also a 120 day FREE trial, just like the mattress. The moisture-wicking cover is removable and easy to clean. The aerated pattern is breathable and prevents heating and the single best feature: contours to your head. To me, that is the most important aspect of a pillow when preventing migraines. With FREE shipping, FREE 120 day trial, and 3 year warranty, if you’re like me and you’re a migraine sufferer, I assure you changing your pillow is a worthy effort in preventing migraines.

2017-01-12 (2).png

Now I can’t say that sheets will help with headaches or stress, but boy do they make relaxing that much easier. Brooklyn Bedding has a collection of sheets in a variety of colors that still offer FREE shipping and 120 night trial. Made from Rayon from bamboo, they are so much cozier than your typical cotton sheets.

I’m not saying a mattress, a pillow, or sheets will change your life, but I am saying Brooklyn Bedding might just change your sleeping life. And that’s always something I’m willing to try with free shipping and free trial.


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