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The Green Bathroom’s Last Step: Grouting

I know, you thought I’d never finish the green bathroom. And, well, technically, I’m not. I’ve only finished just the floor. I still have several other projects and updates planned for this little space, but the floor was certainly the most dramatic!


There were so many steps involved in this project, but I wouldn’t classify it as difficult. It was just more involved that I had planned, but I am super pumped to say- I did it all by myself! It was me on my hands and knees busting up tile, cutting backerboard, sealing backerboard, cutting tile, gluing tile and now grouting tile!


Once I got all of the tile cut and glued, it was time to get started grouting. It was my first time laying tile, so it’s not perfect. But I was proud of getting this entire room done by myself!


Before I did the grouting, I did a cleaning of the tile. I vacuumed each little crevice to get dust, debris, or glue out. I then swept the tile countless times before actually grouting.


Using a grout floater, I smeared the grout all over the floor. Again, this was a trial by fire process. I debated using Mapei‘s Pearl Gray vs. Mapei’s Timberwolf. I was leaning heavily to Pearl Gray to give it a more antiqued/vintage look with the dark grout, but I didn’t want it to stand out starkly against the speckles in the white tile trim on the wall. I eventually chose Timberwolf because the gray color was very similar to the speckles, so it enhanced really well. It took two full 10lb bags to grout the entire room. I did a lot of cleaning and wiping after grouting. I’ll admit, grouting was my least favorite step, but it also was a dramatic effect I loved.


I tried to work in sections. I started at the far end of the room and worked my way back towards the door. After I got the entire room grouted, I let it sit overnight. By the next day, it had dried. It dries slightly lighter than how it looks wet.


This portion of the project, however not fun, wasn’t necessarily difficult. It just was really messy, but I’m happy with the Timberwolf choice. A different house, I might choose Pearl Gray.

Now that the grouting is done, get ready for the reveal of the floor! Then we start the next project in the Green Bathroom: the vanity. Finally!


6 thoughts on “The Green Bathroom’s Last Step: Grouting

  1. Oooh… love that gray color! We’re about to start a bathroom remodel so I’ve been paying close attention to how yours is going! 🙂

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