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Living Room Flips:Before & Afters

This week I shared on Facebook a brief snapshot of the living room transformations in all three flips. After revealing the midcentury living room in Flip 3, I was inspired to take a stroll down memory lane. So I hope you’ll indulge me as I expand on this little stroll. The house that started it… Continue reading Living Room Flips:Before & Afters

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The Midcentury Living Room Reveal

I’ve mentioned before, when I can cross a completed room off the list, it’s a huge sigh of relief. And when it’s a main, large room? It’s a double sigh of relief! I’ve actually had the living room done for quite a while, but I guess I forgot to share the update. This 1964 Ranch… Continue reading The Midcentury Living Room Reveal

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The Green Bathroom Floor Reveal…Finally!

I know, you were probably thinking I’d never get the floor done in the green bathroom. But, good news, it is finished! Thanks for hanging in there with me. There was a lot of prep work to get to the final product. I started by busting up the tile, scraping off thinset, cutting the backerboard,… Continue reading The Green Bathroom Floor Reveal…Finally!


Longing for the Bungalow

You may remember my SW Florida real estate tour this summer. If anything, that has ignited a goal…a longing…for life in Florida. It’s prime winter here in Arkansas, and it’s overcast, it’s cold, & I’m constantly bundled up like I’m living in an igloo. Basically, I hate winter and all that it brings. So I… Continue reading Longing for the Bungalow

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Finally, a Vote We Can All Agree Upon

I know, this election season has been exhausting. I just can’t even. I hope I never live through one like that again. But, in good news, I do have a vote we can all agree upon and isn’t controversial! Remember my not-so-normal kitchen island project? That fun piece of history was a labor of love… Continue reading Finally, a Vote We Can All Agree Upon


Brooklyn Bedding: About to Change Your Sleeping Life

Y’all know I’m not shy about sharing my opinions. If I think something is stupid or overpriced, I’ll tell you. If I love a product or think you’d love a product, I definitely want to pass it along. The goal of my blog is to not only showcase my house flips and pay-off of my… Continue reading Brooklyn Bedding: About to Change Your Sleeping Life

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The Green Bathroom’s Last Step: Grouting

I know, you thought I’d never finish the green bathroom. And, well, technically, I’m not. I’ve only finished just the floor. I still have several other projects and updates planned for this little space, but the floor was certainly the most dramatic! There were so many steps involved in this project, but I wouldn’t classify… Continue reading The Green Bathroom’s Last Step: Grouting